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This template has been classified as relating to embryology.


I propose that this template be split into two: Template:Development of the urinary system and Template:Development of the reproductive system. I propose this because:

  • There are an excessively large amount of articles relating to both topics and displaying them on a single template is and will be increasingly large and unweildy
  • There are two separate articles to match: Development of the urinary system and Development of the reproductive system
  • Because of the large amount of articles, it is hard to display these in specific groups without making the template more confusing.
  • There is significant cross-over in these topics, there are also many structures and articles unique to each topic. A split would retain common structures in each template but also allow unique topics to be added, including a suite about sex determination, sexual differentiation, and sexual dimorphism, which are very relevant topics.
  • There is no reason that we need to be beholden to the terminology in Gray's Anatomy
  • This process could be reversed if unsuccessful.

Kind regards, --LT910001 (talk) 01:06, 17 May 2014 (UTC)