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IndustryFast food restaurant
Founded1998 in Moscow, Russia
FounderMikhail Goncharov
Number of locations
~300[1] (2017)
Areas served
Key people
Mikhail Goncharov (CEO) Andrey Narkevich (COO)
Revenue$135,000,000[1] (2017)
Websitewww.teremok.ru Edit this on Wikidata
Inside a Teremok restaurant in Saint Petersburg.

Teremok (Russian: Теремок) is a popular fast-food chain in Russia founded in 1998 by Mikhail Goncharov. The chain primarily specialises in Russian traditional dishes such as blini, pelmeni, kvass and borscht.[2] Their menu was adapted by the recipes of Goncharov's mother.[3]

Their restaurants operate in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ural, Southern Russia and Siberia.[4] As of 2017 it has grown to 300 restaurants, which formerly included two in New York City that closed in 2018.[3][5]


The first Teremok opened in 1998 in a street kiosk in Moscow.[6] It offered a limited set of blinis. This was one of the first fast food chains in Russia that was offering Russian food trying to compete with McDonald's.[3] There are currently three types of Teremok outlets: restaurants, street kiosks,[7] and food court outlets in shopping malls, metro stations or airports.[8]

The chain opened two branches in Union Square and Chelsea in New York City in 2017, their first ventures outside of Russia.[9] In an interview with a Russian magazine, Goncharov said his reason for expanding to America was because "it’s the motherland of fast food."[9] In June 2018, Goncharov announced it was closing its two restaurants in the states, accusing New York city inspectors of "open hostility" towards his restaurants and staff.[5]


The official concept of Teremok is to offer traditional cuisine as fast food but to be at the same time more natural and healthy.[2] Teremok specializes in Russian-style home cooking with recipes developed by the mother of Goncharov.[1] Menu items include blini (thin crepe-like pancakes), borscht (beet soup with cabbage), and kasha (a buckwheat dish served with meat, fish or mushrooms).[1] They also experiment with unusual and outlandish dishes.[2]


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