Terminal City Ricochet

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Terminal City Ricochet
Directed byZale Dalen
Produced byJohn Conti
Dan Howard
Written byJohn Conti
Ken Lester
Bill Mullan
Phil Savath
Al Thurgood
StarringPeter Breck
Germain Houde
Jello Biafra
Gabe Kouth
Music byJ. Douglas Dodd
CinematographyPaul Sarossy
Edited byHaida Paul
Release date
  • 1990 (1990)
Running time
107 minutes

Terminal City Ricochet is a 1990 film directed by Zale Dalen. The name was taken from a hockey team called the Terminal City Ricochets.[1]

Starring Jello Biafra (of the Dead Kennedys), Terminal City Ricochet is a dystopian comedy critical of television and its collusion with government and consumerism. Terminal City Ricochet is well known in cult film circles, but it has only been shown at film festivals, and a few times on pay-TV. The DVD combo, (containing both the DVD of the film and a CD of the movie soundtrack) has been made available through the Alternative Tentacles Website. It was released in stores in October 2010.


The soundtrack (released by Alternative Tentacles) features many punk bands including Nomeansno, Jello Biafra, D.O.A., The Beatnigs and others.



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