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TeX Live
Logo TeX Live.svg
Tex live screenshot.png
Original author(s) TeX Users Group
Developer(s) Karl Berry
Initial release 1996
Stable release
2016 / 5 June 2016; 11 months ago (2016-06-05)
Repository tug.org/texlive/trunk
Development status Active
Operating system FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, macOS, OpenBSD, Solaris, Windows
Available in English, Czech/Slovak, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese
Type TeX distribution
License LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL), GPL (Version 2)
Website www.tug.org/texlive/

TeX Live is a free software distribution for the TeX typesetting system that includes major TeX-related programs, macro packages, and fonts. It is the replacement of its no-longer supported[1] counterpart teTeX.[2] It is now the default TeX distribution for several Linux distributions such as openSUSE,[3] Fedora,[4] Debian,[5][6] Ubuntu[7] and Gentoo.[8] Other Unix operating systems like OpenBSD,[9] FreeBSD[10] and NetBSD[11] have also converted from teTeX to TeX Live.

The project was originally started by Sebastian Rahtz in 1996 in collaboration with the TeX users groups worldwide, including the TeX Users Group. Today, it is maintained by Karl Berry.

Up to version 2009, TeX Live could be run directly, or "live", from a CD-ROM, from a DVD-ROM, or from any other mobile device, hence its name. As from TeX Live 2010, it was no longer possible to run the distribution from the TeX Collection DVD due to restrictions in storage space. TeX Live follows the TeX Directory Structure.

Since the 2009 release, the editor TeXworks is included for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X as well as the vector graphics language Asymptote.[12]

For Mac OS X there is MacTeX[13] which comprises TeX Live as well as some additional tools for using TeX on the Mac, most notably the editor TeXShop and the bibliography manager BibDesk. TeX Live can also be compiled and installed through MacPorts.


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