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Location Bahnhofstrasse
Thalwil, Zurich
Coordinates 47°17′46″N 8°33′53″E / 47.2960°N 8.5648°E / 47.2960; 8.5648Coordinates: 47°17′46″N 8°33′53″E / 47.2960°N 8.5648°E / 47.2960; 8.5648
Elevation 435 m (1,427 ft)
Owned by Swiss Federal Railways
Operated by Swiss Federal Railways
Line(s) Lake Zurich left bank line
Preceding station   Swiss rail network   Following station
Zurich Hauptbahnhof   EuroCity
Hamburg to Chur
Zurich Hauptbahnhof   EuroCity
Brussels to Chur
Zurich Hauptbahnhof   InterRegio
Basel to Chur
Zurich Hauptbahnhof   InterRegio
Zurich Airport to Lucerne
Zurich Hauptbahnhof   InterRegio
Zurich to Lucerne
Zurich Enge   Zurich S-Bahn
S2 service
Rüschlikon   Zurich S-Bahn
S8 service
Zurich Enge   Zurich S-Bahn
S21 service
  Oberrieden Dorf
Rüschlikon   Zurich S-Bahn
S24 service
  Oberrieden Dorf
Thalwil is located in Switzerland
Location within Switzerland

Thalwil is a railway station in the municipality of Thalwil in the Swiss Canton of Zürich. The station is located on the Lake Zurich left bank (Zurich to Chur) main line and Zurich to Lucerne main line railways. To the Zurich side of the station, the Zimmerberg Base Tunnel diverges from the original lakeside line, whilst on the Lucerne side is the junction point where the Zurich to Chur and Zurich to Lucerne lines diverge. Thus all trains on both lines must pass through the station.[1][2]

The station is served on the lakeside line by an hourly long distance service, generally an InterRegio service between Basel and Chur, but sometimes a EuroCity between Hamburg or Brussels and Chur. Further InterRegio services between Zurich and Lucerne operate every half-hour, with one train an hour extended to Zurich Airport. The station is also served by trains on lines S2, S8, S21 and S24 of the Zurich S-Bahn.[3]


The station building 
Platforms busy with trains 


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