The Aquanauts

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The Aquanauts
Sam Levene, Sue Randall, and Jeremy Slate in The Aquanauts - 1960.jpg
Scene from the episode "Night Dive". From left: Sam Levene, Sue Randall, and Jeremy Slate (1960)
Also known as ''Malibu Run''
Genre Adventure/Drama
Written by E.M. Parsons
Directed by William Conrad
Fred Hamilton
Jack Herzberg
Herman Hoffman
Andrew Marton
Starring Keith Larsen
Jeremy Slate
Ron Ely
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 32
Executive producer(s) Ivan Tors
Producer(s) Fred Hamilton
Ivan Tors
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Ziv Television Programs
United Artists Television
Distributor MGM Television
Peter Rodgers Organization
Original network CBS
Picture format Black-and-white
Audio format Monaural
Original release September 14, 1960 – June 7, 1961
Related shows Sea Hunt

The Aquanauts (later known as Malibu Run) is an American adventure/drama series that aired on CBS in the 1960-1961 season. The series stars Keith Larsen, Jeremy Slate and Ron Ely, who later replaced Larsen on midseason.


The hour-long series focuses on the adventures of two Southern California divers, Drake Andrews (Larsen) and Larry Lahr (Slate), who made their living salvaging sunken wrecks. In January 1961, Larsen left the series due to health problems. His character rejoined the Navy and a new character, Mike Madison (Ron Ely), joined the cast. A month later, the format of the series was also changed with the show's characters, Larry and Mike, opening up a shop in Malibu. No longer encountering underwater dangers, storylines shifted to situations involved on land. To reflect the changes in the format, the series was retitled Malibu Run.[1]

The program was in competition with the short-lived Hong Kong on ABC and NBC's Wagon Train. Unable to compete with NBC's highly rated Wagon Train, the series was canceled after one season.[2]


  • Keith Larsen as Drake Andrews
  • Jeremy Slate as Larry Lahr (1960)
  • Ron Ely as Mike Madison (1961)
  • Charles Thompson as The Captain (1961)

Notable guest stars[edit]

Dyan Cannon, Russ Conway, Donna Douglas, Peter Falk, Robert Knapp, Sam Levene, Joyce Meadows, Carroll O'Connor, Burt Reynolds, Sue Randall, Inger Stevens, Jane Withers, Keenan Wynn, James Coburn, Jim Davis, Larry Pennell and Ken Curtis, these two last actors, later of Ripcord fame. In the episode "The Double Adventure" Rue McClanahan makes a small appearance as a waitress in a diner.

Production notes[edit]

Produced by Ivan Tors for Ziv-United Artists and the rights to this series are currently held by MGM Television.


Episode # Episode title Original airdate
1-1 "The Aquanauts: Paradivers" September 14, 1960
1-2 "The Aquanauts: Collision" September 21, 1960
1-3 "The Aquanauts: Rendezvous: 22 Fathoms" September 28, 1960
1-4 "The Aquanauts: Safecracker" October 5, 1960
1-5 "The Aquanauts: Deep Escape" October 12, 1960
1-6 "The Aquanauts: The Stowaway" October 19, 1960
1-7 "The Aquanauts: Disaster Below" October 26, 1960
1-8 "The Aquanauts: Arms of Venus" November 9, 1960
1-9 "The Aquanauts: Night Dive" November 16, 1960
1-10 "The Aquanauts: The Cavedivers" December 7, 1960
1-11 "The Aquanauts: The Big Swim" December 14, 1960
1-12 "The Aquanauts: Underwater Demolition" December 21, 1960
1-13 "The Aquanauts: River Gold" January 4, 1961
1-14 "The Aquanauts: Niagra Dive" January 11, 1961
1-15 "The Aquanauts: Killers In Paradise" January 25, 1961
1-16 "The Aquanauts: Secret At Half Moon Key" February 1, 1961
1-17 "The Aquanauts: Stormy Weather" February 8, 1961
1-18 "The Aquanauts: The Amored Truck Adventure" February 15, 1961
1-19 "The Aquanauts: The Defective Tank Adventure" February 22, 1961
1-20 "Malibu Run: The Jeremiah Adventure" March 1, 1961
1-21 "Malibu Run: Tidal Wave Adventure" March 8, 1961
1-22 "Malibu Run: The Radioactive Object Adventure" March 22, 1961
1-23 "Malibu Run: The Double Adventure" March 29, 1961
1-24 "Malibu Run: The Margot Adventure" April 5, 1961
1-25 "Malibu Run: The Rainbow Adventure" April 19, 1961
1-26 "Malibu Run: The Frankie Adventure" April 26, 1961
1-27 "Malibu Run: The Guilty Adventure" May 3, 1961
1-28 "Malibu Run: The Landslide Adventure" May 10, 1961
1-29 "Malibu Run: The Kidnap Adventure" May 17, 1961
1-30 "Malibu Run: The Stakeout Adventure" May 24, 1961
1-31 "Malibu Run: The Scavenger Adventure" May 31, 1961
1-32 "Malibu Run: The Diana Adventure" June 7, 1961


The TV show was also adapted into a comic book by Dan Spiegle, distributed by Dell Comics.[3]


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