The Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Painting Gallery in Brussels

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The Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Painting Gallery in Brussels
El archiduque Leopoldo Guillermo en su galería de pinturas en Bruselas (David Teniers II).jpg
ArtistDavid Teniers the Younger
Mediumoil on copper
Dimensions104.8 cm × 130.4 cm (41.3 in × 51.3 in)
LocationPrado Museum, Madrid

The Archduke Leopold Wilhelm in his Painting Gallery in Brussels is a 1651 painting of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm's Italian art collection by the Flemish Baroque painter David Teniers the Younger, now held in the Prado in Madrid.[1]

The painting shows the Archduke as a collector with friends admiring a set of paintings. The artist himself is standing at a table inspecting engravings. The paintings are arranged in rows on rear walls, with more visible through a central doorway, and a set that are positioned in the foreground leaning against chairs for inspection.

This painting is one of a set that David Teniers the Younger prepared to document the Archduke's collection before he employed 12 engravers to publish his Theatrum Pictorium, considered the "first illustrated art catalog". He published this book of engravings after the Archduke had moved to Austria and taken his collection with him. It was published in Antwerp in 1659 and again in 1673.[2]

The Archduke commissioned this painting as a gift for Philip IV of Spain, possibly to show off the magnificence of his Brussels gallery after his recent Italian painting acquisitions from the estate sale of the Duke of Hamilton.[1]

List of paintings depicted[edit]

The following is a list of the recognizable paintings of the collection, not all of which were included in the Italian catalog prepared by Teniers, which was a selection of 243 of the most prized paintings out of a collection of 1300-1400 pieces. Many are still in the Viennese collection. Here is a list of the paintings depicted, which starts with the paintings on the rear wall, running from left to right and from top to bottom. Next listed are the paintings in the foreground propped against chairs:

image article painter year collection inventory nr. catalog code
Tizian 051.jpg
Nymph and shepherd Titian 1570s Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_1825 60
Padovanino - Judith with the head of Holofernes.jpg
Judith with the head of Holofernes Alessandro Varotari 1630s Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_80 37
Diana and Callisto Titian 1568 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_71 96
Francesco Donato, Doge of Venice.jpg
Portrait of Francesco Donato David Teniers the Younger 1650s Museo del Prado P07615 98
Danaë Titian 1554 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_90 74
Giorgione 064.jpg
David with the Head of Goliath Giorgione 1510 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_74 25
Jusepe Ribera - Penitent Saint Peter GG 345.jpg
Penitent St. Peter Jusepe de Ribera 1630s Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_345 142
Andrea Schiavone - Aeneas wird von Dido wegberufen GG 5816.jpg
Aeneas called away from Dido Andrea Schiavone 1655 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_5816 137
David Teniers after Domenico Fetti - Tobit and the Dead Israelite CIA P 1978 PG 434.jpg
Tobit and the Dead Israelite David Teniers the Younger after Domenico Fetti 1650s Courtauld Gallery P.1978.PG.434 214
Andrea Schiavone - Aeneas Takes Leave of Dido GG 5818.jpg
Aeneas Takes Leave of Dido Andrea Schiavone 1555 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_5818 135
Adoration of the Kings Paolo Veronese 1585 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_1515 123
Tintoretto - Descent from the Cross GG 1565.jpg
Descent from the Cross Tintoretto 1547 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_1565 109
Paolo Veronese 006.jpg
Raising the Young Man of Nain Paolo Veronese 1560s Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_52 124
Giorgione 043.jpg
Laura Giorgione 1506s Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_31
Portrait of a man unknown
Burial Domenico Fetti
Tiziano, riposo dalla fuga in egitto.jpg
Rest on the Flight into Egypt (Titian) Titian Longleat 62
Antonello da Messina - Pala di San Cassiano Detail- San Nicholas - Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.jpg
Left panel San Cassiano Altarpiece Antonello da Messina 1475 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_7727 4
David Teniers II - Lady with an Ermine (1653) (cropped).jpg
Lady with an Ermine Titian 94
Francesco Bassano - The Good Samaritan GG 12.jpg
The Good Samaritan Francesco Bassano the Younger 1575 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_12 152
David Teniers - Toilet of Venus Cat696-nyd.jpg
Toilet of Venus David Teniers the Younger 1655 Philadelphia Museum of Art Cat. 696 30
Andrea Schiavone - Scipio Africanus GG 1558.png
Scipio Africanus Andrea Schiavone 1555 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_1558 138
Titian.Christ and Adulteress01.jpg
Christ and the Adulteress Titian 1520 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_114 67
Palma il Vecchio 006.jpg
Young Woman in Green Dress Palma Vecchio 1513 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_66 196
David Teniers the Younger - Shepherds and Sheep DT280207.jpg
Shepherds and Sheep David Teniers the Younger 1650s Metropolitan Museum of Art 89.15.22
Portrait of Giorgione?
Portrait of Titian?
Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci?
Portrait of an unknown man in a fur coat
Bordone Venus and Cupid.jpg
Venus and Cupid Paris Bordone 1545-1550 National Museum in Warsaw M.Ob.628 211
Peter Paul Rubens 134.jpg
The Circumcision Rubens 1605 Chiesa del Gesù e dei Santi Ambrogio e Andrea church, Genoa
Giorgione - Three Philosophers - Google Art Project.jpg
The Three Philosophers Giorgione 1500s Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_111 20
Portrait of an unknown man in a fur coat
Jan Gossaert - St. Luke Painting the Madonna - Google Art Project.jpg
Saint Luke painting the Virgin Jan Gossaert 1510s Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_894
Veronese - Sebastian GG 1538.jpg
Saint Sebastian Paolo Veronese 1565 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_1538 114
Raffael 101.jpg
Saint Margaret and the Dragon Raphael 1518 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_171 2
Portrait d'une Femme à sa Toilette, by Titian, from C2RMF retouched.jpg
Woman with a Mirror Titian 1515 Louvre INV 755
Vecelli, Tiziano -Violante - 1515-1518.jpg
Violante Titian 1515s Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_65 194
Antonello da Messina 063.jpg
Central panel San Cassiano Altarpiece Antonello da Messina 1475 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_2574 5
"Isabella Clara Eugenia" - Anthonis van Dyck 086.jpg
Portrait of Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia as a nun Anthony van Dyck 1627 Kunsthistorisches Museum GG_496


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