The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

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The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls
The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.jpg
Cover of The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls
Author Emilie Autumn
Illustrator Emilie Autumn
Country United States
Language English
Genre Autobiography, Psychological Thriller
Publisher The Asylum Emporium
Publication date
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 264 (2nd Edition)

The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls is an autobiographical/psychological thriller novel by Emilie Autumn. It was published in 2009 as a companion to her 2009–2010 North American, European, and Australian tour, the Asylum Tour. The fully illustrated book chronicles Autumn's experiences in a mental ward and a young girl (Emily with a "y") in Victorian England who is admitted into an insane asylum.

The book itself is highly elaborate and (as of the first printing) is in full color, featuring Emilie Autumn's sketches and paintings as well as photographs taken by Autumn herself and by various other photographers. The full audio version of the book, read by Autumn, went on sale in July 2016. On the 2008 EP "4o'clock" there are two tracks of Autumn reading sections of the book, accompanied by sound effects and music.

On August 1, 2010, a second edition of the book became available for pre-order. The next day, Autumn announced that all books that are to be shipped to North America will include a bookplate sticker hand signed by Emilie herself, and all books being shipped outside of North America will have a signed postcard with it. The second edition is available at her official store The Asylum Emporium.

During an interview with Mulatschag, Emilie states, "[...] which now my big project after this is the full on theatrical musical production of my book The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls [...] and that is being turned into by me—by us, a whole broadway style theatrical production: 3 hours long, a cast of 40 people. With the aim to debut that in 2014. Starting --but going worldwide-- starting on London's West End theater district. " She later confirms that she will be playing both roles of Modern Emilie and Victorian Emily, as well as a later movie which will spawn from the musical. When asked in an interview with Metal Blast if her 2012 Fight Like a Girl tour was a preview to the upcoming musical, Emilie confirmed this to be true and said "[...] [The tour] was about me, with the help of my girls on stage, to kind of set the tone and the atmosphere to what all of this crazy asylum world is about, this kind of unique genre-bending musical style and me having a unique perspective of life (at least I’d like to think that). Now that this stage has been set, it’s all about telling a story, which has become more important even than, as crazy as it may seem, the music. [...]"

On March 13, 2014, the audio book edition for The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls became available for pre-order, originally set to ship in May, 2014. However, due to Emilie Autumn's discovery with a high-definition recording technology, she re-recorded the audio book and became available July 2016. It includes limited edition packaging and exclusive artwork, and is personally autographed by Emilie on pre-order. It is a multi-CD set and is narrated entirely by the author.



Emilie: Heroine of Asylum in the current era.

Chloe: Fellow inmate of Emilie who is sent to electric therapy at 4 o'clock in the morning. Emilie never saw her again.

Kara: Recovering drug addict.

Violet: Fellow inmate who has been the victim of abuse.

Dr. Sharpe: Doctor at the mental ward who shows an interest in Emilie.

J___: Unnamed friend from Emilie's notebook who throws out her "tools."

S___: Unnamed boyfriend from Emilie's notebook.


Emily: Heroine of Asylum in the Victorian era. She has red hair. Her nickname is "Valentine," for the heart-shaped scar on her cheek. She is called Emily with a "y" as a reference to Autumn's name being spelled with an "ie."

Dr. Stockill: The lead doctor at the Asylum, interested in creating toxic compounds and administering his concoctions to the inmates. Son of Madame Mournington.

Madame Mournington: Headmistress of the Asylum. Mother of Dr. Stockill. Supposedly mourning the death of her infant daughter from years before.

Count de Rothsberg: Buys Emily from the Unfortunate Girl's Music Conservatoire with the intent to use and abuse her, like he has done with previous girls before her. Is a patron of Dr. Stockill, and frequents the asylum.

Anne: A previous attendant of the Unfortunate Girl's Music Conservatoire whom Count de Rothsberg deemed unworthy of serving him as an amusement, and is then demoted to the place of scullary maid. She is instrumental in helping Emily escape the Count's clutches, but drowns in that same escape attempt.

Thomson: Photographer in the Asylum who takes photos of Emily for a special project, and is the first to alert her to the fact that something far more nefarious is going on. He may have been a possible romantic attachment but he is removed and killed for his interactions with her.

Sir Edward: Lead rat who speaks to Emily and brings her paper to write on.

Basil: Rat who speaks to Emily and is an assistant to Sir Edward.

Christelle: Fellow inmate. She is French and spends her time spinning in circles, singing songs in her native language.

Joanna: Fellow inmate. She was once married and is a compulsive liar.

Jolie Rouge: Fellow inmate. Her hair is lush and black, and she also wears the hair of her deceased sister. She states she is a pirate and is always telling stories of her adventures. She wears a three-cornered paper pirate hat and has others call her "Captain."

Veronica: Highly nymphomanic inmate who is convinced that she is leaving the next day, every day.

Flea: Fellow inmate.

Sachiko: Friend of Emily at the Music Conservatoire, and the first to warn Emily that leaving the Music Conservatoire is not what they had been led to believe.

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