The Blood Sword 2

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The Blood Sword 2
The Blood Sword 2.jpg
VCD cover art
Genre Wuxia
Written by Ma Wing-shing (original story)
Ng Mei-wah (script)
Directed by Cheung Kin-wai
Cheng Wai-mun
Leung Chi-kin
Mai Kar-fung
Kwok Wai-sing
Starring Kenny Ho
Law Chung-wah
Veronica Yip
Yeung Chak-lam
Leung Sze-ho
Hung Chi-shing
Ho Mei-mei
Pong Chau-ngan
Yeung Kar-lok
Lin Wai-kin
Cheng Kwan-chi
Mak Lai-hung
Wai Lit
Lo Chun-shun
Kingdom Yuen
Chan Pui-shan
Lau Shek-yin
Composer(s) Wong Bong-yin
Fong Mun-tat
Ho Sai-kuen
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Executive producer(s) Chan Toi-yuen
Location(s) Hong Kong
Cinematography Cheung Mun-fai
Siu Kwok-ping
Leung Fai-yuen
Ng Wai-hung
Editor(s) Ng Mun-fai
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production company(s) ATV
Original network ATV
Original release 9 September 1991
Preceded by The Blood Sword (1990)
The Blood Sword 2
Traditional Chinese 中華英雄之中華傲訣
Simplified Chinese 中华英雄之中华傲诀
Literal meaning Chinese Hero: China's Proud Secret

The Blood Sword 2 is a Hong Kong television series adapted from the wuxia manhua series Chinese Hero: Tales of the Blood Sword by Ma Wing-shing. The series was produced by ATV and first aired in September 1991. The series is a prequel to The Blood Sword (1990).


The series is set in early 20th-century America. Wah Ying-hung and his family are sailing back to China from America when they are attacked by enemies. Wah's wife, Kit-yu, is killed by the attackers while their son and daughter are thrown overboard. Wah is devastated by the loss of his family, so he returns to America to seek vengeance on Sat-dan Cheung-kwan, the man responsible for his plight. He fails in his first attempt but is rescued by Kim-sing, an elderly swordsman who runs the inn, China House, in Chinatown. Kim-sing transfers part of his inner energy to Wah Ying-hung and urges him to give up his desire for revenge. However, after Sat-dan Cheung-kwan constantly sends his henchmen to attack China House and mortally wound Kim-sing, Wah Kim-hung fights his way into Sat-dan Cheung-kwan's base and slays him. He then returns to China House, where a dying Kim-sing makes him promise to never get involved in any conflict again. Wah Ying-hung agrees and spends the next 15 years of his life operating the inn, as well as raising Kim-sing's godchildren, Ching-yee and Tze-tsai.

Unknown to Wah Ying-hung, his children had actually survived. His son, Wah Kim-hung, was saved and raised by Wah Ying-hung's loyal servant, Sang-no. To avoid the Hell Sect which has been pestering him to be their leader, Wah Kim-hung flees from China and travels to America to reunite with his father. Around the time, a notorious military-style mafia known as the Black Dragon Society has been planning to dominate Chinatown. Wah Kim-hung initially tries to keep a low profile and avoid conflict whenever possible, but subsequent events leave him with no choice but to interfere, especially when the mafia starts harassing and kidnapping Chinatown residents. Together with his son, close friends and allies, Wah Ying-hung organises the residents to put up resistance against the mafia.

At the same time, Wah Ying-hung also gets into trouble with the Shura Sect, a group of Japanese ninjas. He also falls in love with Muk-tze, who turns out to be Sat-dan Cheung-kwan's daughter. She is torn between her love for Wah Ying-hung and her desire to avenge her father. Concurrently, Wah Ying-hung faces a challenge from the overbearing Mo-dik, a blind Japanese swordsman who wants to be the most powerful martial artist in the world. As Wah Ying-hung loses some friends and loved ones along the way, he hears a prophecy from a fortune teller who said that he was born under the Star of Death and is destined to lead a life of loneliness because misfortune would befall everyone close to him. After Wah Ying-hung and his allies eliminated the Black Dragon Society and the Shura Sect, Wah takes up Mo-dik's challenge and engages him in a duel. Wah defeats Mo-dik but falls off a cliff and is believed to be dead. However, he actually survived and intends to not reveal himself to his son and friends because he still believes in the prophecy about his future.


Note: The characters' names are in Cantonese romanisation.
  • Kenny Ho as Wah Ying-hung, the protagonist of the series. The titular "Blood Sword" refers to his weapon, a red-bladed sword.
  • Law Chung-wah as Wah Kim-hung, Wah Ying-hung's son.
  • Veronica Yip as Kit-yu, Wah Ying-hung's wife.
  • Yeung Chak-lam as Mo-dik, a blind Japanese martial artist.
  • Leung Sze-ho as Mo-ching, Mo-dik's son.
  • Lin Wai-kin as Yuen Mou, a martial artist and ally of Wah Ying-hung.
  • Hung Chi-shing as Kwai-buk, Wah Ying-hung's servant and close companion.
  • Ho Mei-mei as Kei-sze, Kwai-buk's wife.
  • Pong Chau-ngan as Si-ngo, Kwai-buk's daughter.
  • Chan Chek-wai as Sang-no, Wah Ying-hung's servant who raised Kim-hung.
  • Yeung Kar-lok as Lo-hon, Wah Ying-hung's close friend.
  • Kingdom Yuen as Ming-sat, Lo-hon's lover and the fortune teller who predicts Wah Ying-hung's life.
  • Lee Lai-jui as Anna, the leader of a group of pickpockets who befriend Wah Kim-hung.
  • Wai Lit as Kam Toi-bo, the Metal Ninja and leader of the Japanese Shura Sect.
  • Mak Lai-hung as Muk-tze, Sat-dan Cheung-kwan's daughter and the Wood Ninja of the Shura Sect.
  • Cheng Kwan-chi as For Say-long, the Fire Ninja of the Shura Sect.
  • Fennie Yuen as Sui Chin-min, the Water Ninja of the Shura Sect.
  • Tam Wing-kit as Kam San-juet, the Earth Ninja of the Shura Sect.
  • Law Yiu-hung as Che-tung, Kam Toi-bo's treacherous apprentice.
  • Lam Mun-wai as Tin-long-tze, the leader of the Heavenly Wolf Gang.
  • Cheung Tsang as Kim-sing, an elderly swordsman who saves Wah Ying-hung from Sat-dan Cheung-kwan.
  • Kwan Wai-lun as Pak Fung, the manager of China House.
  • Leung Kam-san as Yuet-mun-san, one of the two guardians of China House.
  • Tsang Tsan-on as Yat-mun-san, one of the two guardians of China House.
  • Chan Pui-shan as Ching-yee, Kim-sing's goddaughter who was raised by Wah Ying-hung.
  • Lau Shek-yin as Tze-tsai, Ching-yee's brother.
  • Chan Dik-wah as Pak-she Chun-tse, a member of the Hell Sect.
  • Chan Kim-wun as Tuk-tsung, a member of the Hell Sect.
  • Szema Wah Lung as Tin-lo San-lo, Wah Kim-hung's teacher who appears in his dreams.
  • Eddy Ko as Sat-dan Cheung-kwan, the founder of the Black Dragon Society.
  • Fan Wing-wah as Dai-do Wong, Sat-dan Cheung-kwan's henchman.
  • Cheng Shu-fung as Sum-mo, Sat-dan Cheung-kwan's henchman.
  • Lo Lieh as Ka-sin-lung, a corrupt politician who cooperates with the Black Dragon Society.
  • Yu Kit-fu as Hak-lung Sze-ling, the leader of the Black Dragon Society.
  • Lo Chun-shun as Yan-yeung Si, Hak-lung Sze-ling's effeminate henchman.
  • Ding Ying as Jan-sat, a member of the Black Dragon Society.
  • Lau Chin-yu as Ming-yuet, a member of the Black Dragon Society.
  • Yu Mun-bing as Shum Tin-yeung, a wealthy merchant who allies with Wah Ying-hung.
  • Tong Kwok-ming as Shum Chun-hau, Shum Tin-yeung's son.
  • Wong Shu-tong as Do-chung Mo-yee, a blind Japanese martial artist who inspired Mo-dik.
  • Tsui Man-wah as To-tze, Mo-dik's wife.

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