The Cat Empire (EP)

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The Cat Empire (EP)
EP by
ProducerThe Cat Empire
The Cat Empire chronology
Touring Europe and the UK, 2004
The Cat Empire (EP)
Live at Martyrs'

The Cat Empire (EP) is an "Enhanced" EP merging tracks from two of their former albums - The Cat Empire and Two Shoes. It was released exclusively throughout the US under the Velour Music Group.

Enhanced videos (some featured on Two Shoes special edition DVD) are also included.

Track list[edit]

Music Tracks:

  1. "The Chariot"
  2. "Hello"
  3. "The Lost Song"
  4. "Days Like These"
  5. "Lullaby"
  6. "The Car Song"

Enhanced Video Features:

  1. "The Car Song" (Music Video)
  2. "Lullaby" (Live at the Forum, Melbourne)
  3. Estudio 101: The Making of Two Shoes