The Channon, New South Wales

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Main street of The Channon

The Channon, pronounced "CHANNON" (a local aboriginal term for the Burrawang palm, a type of cycad that proliferates along the ridgelines in the area) is a village in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Australia. It is about 18 kilometres northwest of Lismore and about 21 km from Nimbin, NSW. It is part of the City of Lismore.

Like many villages in the area, there is cattle farming, general grazing and small crop farming. There are also many permaculture and organic farms and macadamia and coffee plantations, as well as a number of intentional communities. Like nearby Nimbin, The Channon is a gateway to the rainforests of Nightcap National Park.

On the second Sunday of each month, a crafts market is held at the local Channon oval which attracts visitors, musicians and vendors from around the district.

The beautiful Coronation Park hosts a yearly outdoor opera, though it did not take place in 2016. [1][2]

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Coordinates: 28°40′S 153°17′E / 28.667°S 153.283°E / -28.667; 153.283

World Famous Channon Market