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The Chase
The Chase - Manafest.jpg
Studio album by Manafest
Released March 30, 2010
Genre Christian rock, rap rock, hard rock
Length 39:03
Label BEC, Uprok
Producer Adam Messinger
Manafest chronology
Citizens Activ
(2008)Citizens Activ2008
The Chase
Live in Concert
(2011)Live in Concert2011
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3.5/5 stars[1]
Christian Music Zine(B-)[2]
Cross Rhythms9/10 stars[3]
Indie Vision Music4/5 stars[4]
Jesus Freak Hideout4/5 stars[5]
Rapzilla3/5 stars[6]

The Chase is the fifth studio album by the Christian rapper Manafest. It was released on March 30, 2010 under BEC Recordings, in association with Uprok Records.[7][8]

The single "Avalanche" off the release has sold 50,000 copies as of September 1, 2011.[9]

Critical reception[edit]

The album was met with generally positive and praiseworthy reviews with many calling it Manafest's best album yet.

Wayne Myatt of Jesus Freak Hideout positively highlighted the album and stated that "The Chase is an enjoyable album with so much variety that it never seems to become tedious. Releases like this one don't come around too often, so if you crave rock and rap, it doesn't get better than this."[5] Indie Vision Music gave the album similar approval by saying "this is an outstanding album by Manafest, and his best work to date. If you liked his older albums and his fusion of rock and hip-hop then this album is exactly what you need. Manafest brings some big guitars to the party that do not disappoint."[6] Alex Henderson of AllMusic went on to say "this is a respectable, if less than groundbreaking, contribution to rap-rock and rapcore."[1]

On the flipside, in a more moderate review, Rapzilla noted "With the release of The Chase, it seems like the artist has finally become comfortable in his own skin, categorizing his project as “rock” rather than “rap.” And I'd say he’'s somewhere on the spectrum between Linkin and limp… kinda like Fort Minor. This may disappoint some of his longtime fans, but it will more than likely gain him far more fans than he will lose."[10] Finally, Tyler Hess of Christian Music Zine frankly stated "The Chase is Manafest’s fourth label release and it appears that he has learned to mix up his hip hop with some rock, some boy band ballads and most importantly enough diversity to keep an entire album interesting enough throughout, with a pace fast enough that The Chase feels like its over before it's really begun. Maybe it isn't really fitting with the trends, going back in time instead of pushing forward, but if you can let that go then you can probably still enjoy the latest from Manafest."[2]


The album won "Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year" at the 32nd annual GMA Canada Covenant Awards.[11] The following year, the song "Avalanche" off the release won "Rap/Hip Hop Song of the Year".[11]

The album also received a nomination in the category of "Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year" for the Juno Awards of 2011.[12]


In early January 2010, "No Plan B" was released as a single, while the song "Avalanche" was released as a single on March 12[when?].[13][14]

"Avalanche" reached No. 4 on the CHR charts in September, 2010.[9][15] This was followed by "Bring the Ruckus" which reached No. 1 on the CHR charts in August, 2011.[9]

"No Plan B" reached No. 1 on ChristianRock.Net's charts, while "Bring the Ruckus" made it into the Top 5 as well.[16]

Besides these, the singles "Fire in the Kitchen" and "Every Time You Run" were also released off the album.[16][17]

Track listing[edit]

Album release
1."No Plan B"Chris Greenwood, Adam MessingerAdam Messinger, Manafest3:23
2."Fire in the Kitchen" (featuring Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch)Greenwood, MessingerMessinger, Manafest2:48
3."Supernatural"Josh Macintosh, Greenwood, MessingerMessinger, Josh Macintosh3:55
4."Every Time You Run" (featuring Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch)Trevor McNevan, Greenwood, MessingerMessinger, Trevor McNevan3:34
5."Bring the Ruckus"Macintosh, Greenwood, MessingerMessinger, Macintosh3:37
6."Avalanche"Greenwood, MessingerMessinger, Manafest3:11
7."Married in Vegas"Greenwood, MessingerMessinger, Manafest4:05
8."Renegade" (featuring Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch)Greenwood, Messinger, McNevanMessinger, Manafest3:37
9."The Chase"Greenwood, MessingerMessinger, Manafest3:05
10."Better 'Cause of You" (featuring Dustin Anstey)Greenwood, Tyson Kuteyi, Dustin AnsteyTyson Kuteyi4:10
11."Breaking Down the Walls" (featuring Dustin Anstey)Greenwood, Kuteyi, AnsteyKuteyi3:39
Total length:39:03


-Numbers in parenthesis symbolize track numbers

Chart performance[edit]

Billboard Charts (2010) Peak
Billboard Hot Christian Songs: "Avalanche"[20] 41

Music videos[edit]


  • If one buys the Japanese edition of the album, they are treated to two extra versions of "No Plan B" and a slightly-altered lyrical version of "Avalanche" in place of the original version on the base release. The track "Breaking Down the Walls" is however absent from the album.
  • Depending on the edition of the album, the song "Better Cause of You" varies in its opening. The Japanese edition of the track has a heavily shortened opening musical segment compared to the base release.
  • In September 2010, a singles EP entitled Avalanche / No Plan B was released. It contained the two original songs of the EP title's name, a remix for "Avalanche", the Japanese version of "No Plan B" featuring Kenta Koie of Crossfaith, and the two music videos for each individual track.[21]
  • In 2010, as with many of Manafest's releases, The Chase was given an album instrumentals release.[22]


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