Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club

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Aerial view
As seen from Fat Tong Mun Channel

The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club (Chinese: 清水灣高爾夫球會) is a privately owned and run country club, located on the Clear Water Bay Peninsula in Sai Kung Hong Kong. Access is restricted for members only.

The club will host a round of the PGA Tour China series in November 2016.[1] The club will also host the World Amateur Team Championships in 2020.[2]


New members could buy into one of the six types of membership by purchasing units of the club's debenture after passing a very stringent character check. Price starts from little under HK$500,000 and could reach over HK$3,500,000. On top of that, members are required to pay additional subscription fee each year.

Type of membership:

  1. Company Golf
  2. Individual Golf
  3. Company Country Club
  4. Individual Country Club
  5. Company Marina
  6. Individual Marina


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