The Crow: City of Angels (video game)

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The Crow: City of Angels
Crow City of Angels game cover.jpg
North American PlayStation cover art
Developer(s) Gray Matter
Publisher(s) Acclaim Entertainment
Platform(s) PlayStation, Saturn, Microsoft Windows
Release PlayStation
  • NA: February 28, 1997
  • EU: April 1997
  • JP: April 25, 1997
  • NA: March 12, 1997
  • EU: April 1997
  • JP: April 25, 1997
  • NA: February 1997
  • EU: April 1997
Genre(s) Beat 'em up
Mode(s) Single-player

The Crow: City of Angels is a 1997 action video game for Sega Saturn, PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. It is loosely based on the movie of the same title. The player assumes the role of the hero of the film, Ashe Corven. It was met with negative reviews.


The gameplay style is similar to a traditional six-directional side-scrolling beat 'em up, viewed from an isometric perspective. All objects and characters are 3D polygonal models, imposed over 2D pre-rendered backgrounds. The game is virtually identical across the three platforms it was released for, the main difference between them being that the PC version has sharper 2D-rendered backgrounds, due to its higher screen resolution.[1]

The protagonist Ashe's primary method of fighting enemies is hand-to-hand combat, consisting of basic punches and kicks. He also has the ability to pull off more acrobatic moves using various button combinations. Along the way various weapons can be found, including knives, bottles, handguns and shotguns. During the course of the game, Ashe encounters various bosses (the main villains from the film).


The game follows the same plot of the movie on which it is based: mechanic Ashe Corven and his son Danny are brutally murdered by a gang. Resurrected by a crow and acquiring supernatural powers with the help of artist and new friend Sarah, Ashe now seeks vengeance on his murderers, including "the ninjitsu death-bitch" Kali and the drug king Judah.[2][3]


The Crow: City of Angels was almost universally panned upon its release. The game's average user score at GameRankings is only 23.50%.[2] According to GamePro, "asinine gameplay and horrible graphics" made the game "a turkey".[4] Sega Saturn Magazine gave the game the score of 67%, but commented: "Best avoided."[5] PC Gamer US gave it 32%, calling it "the worst movie license fighting game since Expect No Mercy."[6] A Game Revolution reviewer went on to say: "The Crow: City of Angels is one of the worst titles I've ever seen. Avoid all contact with this game."[1] IGN rated The game only 1.0 out of 10, the lowest possible score.[3] It was later included among the 100 worst games of all time by GamesRadar in 2014.[7] Jeff Kitts from Gamespot rated the game as a 3.9/10 and accused Acclaim of spending too much money buying the license and not enough on the gameplay. He criticised the game's "rickety" control system, but praised the background graphics and a particular tune in the soundtrack.[8]


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