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The Damage is a collection of Ludus songs culled from the Manchester post-punk group's albums, singles, b-sides, and live recordings. It includes the band's most famous song, "Breaking the Rules", as well as a cover of Brigitte Bardot's 1970 single "Nue au Soleil". The sleeve includes Ludus biography written by LTM owner James Nice, band discography and excerpts from contemporary reviews of the original Ludus records, as well as several reproductions of Linder Sterling's collages.

This compilation includes 1 song from EP The Visit (track 6), 2 songs from EP Pickpocket (tracks 7 and 17), 3 songs from the album The Seduction (tracks 8, 9 and 10) and 1 song from the LP Danger Came Smiling (track 14). The rest of the material consists of songs from 7" and 12" singles, one song (track 1) that was previously available only on earlier Ludus compilations, and 3 songs recorded at the famous concert in Manchester's The Haçienda in 1982. Out of 18 songs on this compilation, 8 are also available on the other two Ludus reissue CDs.

Track listing:

  1. How High Does the Sky Go
  2. She She
  3. Let Me Go Where My Pictures Go
  4. Nue au Soleil
  5. Little Girls
  6. I Can't Swim I Have Nightmares
  7. Hugo Blanco
  8. See the Keyhole
  9. My Cherry Is in Sherry
  10. The Escape Artist
  11. Mirror Mirror (live)
  12. Wrapped in Silence (live)
  13. Too Hot to Handle (live)
  14. Howling Comique
  15. What a Falling Off Was There
  16. Patient (7" version)
  17. The Fool
  18. Breaking the Rules