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Winnetou – 3. Teil
Winnetou Teil 3 Logo 001.svg
Directed by Harald Reinl
Produced by Horst Wendlandt
Written by Karl May (novel)
J. Joachim Bartsch (screenplay)
Harald G. Petersson (screenplay)
Starring Lex Barker
Pierre Brice
Music by Martin Böttcher
Cinematography Ernst W. Kalinke
Distributed by Constanstin Film (West Germany)
Columbia Pictures (United States)
Release date
October 15, 1965 (West Germany)
1968 (United States)
Running time
93 minutes
Country West Germany
Language German

Winnetou – 3. Teil is a 1965 West German film directed by Harald Reinl.


After the Civil War, desperadoes led by a renegade named Rollins, following the settlers moving westward, try to drive a wedge in the friendship between the whites and the Indians. Apache chief Winnetou and his frontier friend, Old Shatterhand, do what they can to keep the peace. Rollins' henchmen try to keep Winnetou away from the warring Jicarillos' chief, White Buffalo, but he fights his way through, only to be confronted by Rollins carrying the chief's son, stabbed in the chest with Winnetou's knife. Winnetou is accused of the killing. It is up to Old Shatterhand to save his friend.


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