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The Gop (Welsh: Coparleni) is a neolithic mound[further explanation needed] lying north of Trelawnyd in Flintshire, Wales, in the Clwydian Range.


Oval in form, it is the second-largest neolithic mound in Britain after Silbury Hill. Excavations have discovered prehistoric remains both in the caves below and in the mound itself.[1]

Excavations have uncovered no burial chambers or other underground works. This may indicate that it was used as a look-out or hill fort; there is evidence that there was a considerable amount of stone on the top of hill. In the 17th century, its prominent position allowed a beacon to be placed there.

The mound lies on top of Gop Hill (823 feet), a natural limestone outcrop, in the side of which are the Gop Caves.

Gop Hill from the River Clwyd


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Coordinates: 53°18′37″N 3°22′20″W / 53.3104°N 3.3722°W / 53.3104; -3.3722