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This article is about non-profit organization in Maryland. For main article, see Domestic violence. For other topics, see Outline of domestic violence.

House Of Ruth Maryland[1] is a non-profit organization that was established in 1977. It is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. In Baltimore and Prince George's County, the organization provides services for women and their children who are victims of Domestic Violence. Funding for House of Ruth Maryland is made possible through private (53%) and government (38%) funds, and other sources (9%) including investment income, training and client fees resulting mainly from the Gateway Project. Since its inception, The House of Ruth Maryland has served over 100,000 victims of domestic violence.[2]



A small group of volunteers opens Maryland’s first shelter for battered women and children. (House Of Ruth)


House Of Ruth is selected as the model shelter program for Maryland and receives its first state funding, allowing it to begin offering support services in conjunction with shelter.


House Of Ruth introduces a voluntary 22-week counseling program designed to modify the behavior of abusive men, the first program of its kind in the state of Maryland. (The Gateway Project)


House Of Ruth begins offering housing and counseling services to clients.


House Of Ruth begins offering counseling to clients’ children.


House Of Ruth expands its shelter, services and sets up the first, statewide, 24-hour hotline for victims of domestic violence.


House Of Ruth opens a legal clinic to provide legal services to victims of domestic violence and expands its voluntary batterers’ program to include court-ordered abusers. House Of Ruth begins providing consultation to the United States Navy on how to work with batterers.


House Of Ruth, in cooperation with Women’s Law Center, receives a grant from Maryland Legal Services to create the Domestic Violence Law Clinic.


House Of Ruth consolidates its services and opens the doors to its new, 24-bed Montebello facility.


House Of Ruth opens its first Victim’s Advocacy Office in the Baltimore City District Court.


House Of Ruth launches its Teen Dating Violence Prevention Initiative, a community-based program geared towards teaching adolescents and young adults about healthy relationships.[3]


Sandi Timmins, Executive Director

Holly Edington, President, Board of Directors; VP Human Resources, Corporate Office Properties Trust

Dorothy Lennig, Director, Legal Clinic

Lisa Nitsch, Director, Counseling, Education and Outreach

Mary McGeady, Director, Finance and Administration

Terri Wurmser, Director, Programs[2]

Services Offered[edit]

Hotline Counseling[edit]

The House of Ruth Maryland has a 24-hour hotline that provides counseling and referrals to victims of domestic violence, abusers and concerned family and friends and support and technical assistance to professionals.

Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing[edit]

The organization provides emergency refuge for women and their children where they can escape violence and receive support to rebuild their lives. The emergency shelter and six transitional apartments accommodate 84 women and children. Residents have access to a wellness program as well as child care and job training.

Legal Assistance[edit]

The House of Ruth Maryland provides victims of domestic violence with legal representation, counseling and advocacy.

Counseling for Adults and Children[edit]

The organization offers individual and group counseling along with education about options and services. The organization helps the women create safety and exits plans to help them with the transition from the abusive environment.

Training, Outreach and Prevention Education[edit]

The organization offers domestic violence specific consultation and technical assistance to other human service agencies.

This program, the Teen Dating Violence Prevention Initiative, offers prevention education presentations and workshops to youth, aged 11–21, in schools, community agencies, churches and youth detention centers throughout the state of Maryland. The program also provides training and education to youth serving professionals and parents.

Abusers’ Intervention[edit]

This program, The Gateway Project, is a 28-week education program structured to systematically challenge an abusive person’s belief system. It also teaches abusers how to maintain healthy, non-violent relationships.[4]


House Of Ruth Maryland is located at 2201 Argonne Drive, Baltimore, MD 21218.

Additional Domestic Violence Resources in Maryland[edit]

In Maryland, various private organizations provide comprehensive services on a county-by-county basis.

The organizations that serve victims of domestic violence in Baltimore City and the surrounding counties that comprise Central Maryland are:

The Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence offers a detailed list of domestic violence service providers in Maryland.