The Living and the Dead (2007 film)

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The Living and the Dead
Directed by Kristijan Milic
Produced by Marijo Vukadin
Igor Nola
Domagoj Pavić
Miro Barnjak
Written by Miro Barnjak
Josip Mlakić (novel)
Ivan Pavlicic
Starring Filip Šovagović
Velibor Topić
Cinematography Dragan Markovic
Edited by Goran Guberovic
Release date
20 July 2007
Running time
87 minutes
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Language Croatian

The Living and the Dead (Croatian: Živi i mrtvi) is a Croatian war movie directed by Kristijan Milić.

It tells the story of Bosnian Croat (HVO) fighters who, while fighting against Bosniaks, face something not entirely of this world. The film was released in 2007. It was filmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at a small town known as Prozor-Rama.

In 2007, the movie won the Big Golden Arena for Best Film at the Pula Film Festival.


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