The Long, Twilight Struggle

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"The Long, Twilight Struggle"
Babylon 5 episode
Episode no.Season 2
Episode 20
Directed byJohn C. Flinn, III
Written byJ. Michael Straczynski
Production code219
Original air dateOctober 18, 1995 (US)
August 1, 1995 (UK)
Guest appearance(s)

John Schuck (Draal)
Riff Hutton (ISN Reporter)
William Forward (Lord Refa)
W. Morgan Sheppard (G'Sten)

Episode chronology
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"Divided Loyalties"
Next →
"Comes the Inquisitor"
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"The Long, Twilight Struggle" is an episode from the second season of the science fiction television series Babylon 5.


Ambassador G'Kar speaks to his uncle, the Narn Warmaster G'Sten, about the plan to attack a Centauri supply and communications base at Gorash 7. G'Sten believes the attack will weaken Centauri's supply lines, but G'Kar expresses caution. On Centauri, Lord Refa tells visiting Ambassador Mollari that they have gained intel about the Narn plans, and plan to use it instead to launch a major offensive at the Narn homeworld. However, to assure that the Narn are tricked, Refa needs Mollari to have his "associates" attack the Narn fleet when they arrive at Gorash 7. While Mollari does not yet know that these associates are working with the Shadows, he has come to have concerns of their motives, and says that this will be the last time he will call on them.

On Babylon 5, both Captain Sheridan and Delenn are contacted via a projection of Draal, Delenn's friend that has taken up the role of caring for the Great Machine embedded in Epsilon 3, the planet Babylon 5 orbits. He invites both down to speak to him. There, they find the Great Machine has helped rejuvenated Draal and given him the abilities to converse with others across the galaxy. Draal states he is impressed by Sheridan but needs to warn him of the upcoming "long, twilight struggle" they are about to face. Meanwhile, on the station, Dr. Franklin hears a rumor about the pending Centauri attack on Narn from a dying refuge and warns G'Kar about it. G'Kar relays this to G'Sten, but G'Sten does not accept this as proof and commits the Narn fleet to the Gorash 7 attack.

Refa invites Mollari to come with him on the lead battlecruiser for the attack on Narn, explaining they will use mass drivers to bombard the planet, ending the war in days rather than months. Mollari is shocked, as mass drivers have been outlawed by all major races, but Refa asserts they need to use them in times of war. As the Centauri start their attack, the Narn fleet arrives at Gorash 7 but is quickly devastated by the Shadows.

Draal senses the attacks, and instructs both Sheridan and Delenn to return to the station where they will be needed, but not after asking Delenn to show Sheridan the "others". On the station, Ivanova and Garibaldi have taken preemptive action to try to quell any violence once the news of the Centauri attack reaches public channels. G'Kar tries to make contact with his homeworld, but told that as the only member of the Kha'Ri, the Narn ruling body, off planet, he must stay where he is.

Some days pass, during which the Narn homeworld is quickly falling. Mollari arrives and requests an audience with the Babylon 5 Advisory Council and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. G'Kar, hearing of this, speaks to Sheridan and requests sanctuary. At the meeting, Mollari announces that the Narn have unconditionally surrendered, ending the attack, but lists several terms that must be followed, which include removing G'Kar as the Narn representative, and arresting all members of the Kha'Ri. Sheridan reveals G'Kar's request for sanctuary and will stand behind that, supported by Delenn. G'Kar leaves the chambers, but not before asserting that the Narn will regain their independence. Sometime later, Sheridan promises to G'Kar he will provide whatever help he can for G'Kar's cause.

Delenn has Sheridan join her in meeting chambers, where a large group of humans and Minbari, as well as Garibaldi and Ambassador Kosh, wait. Delenn tells Sheridan that these, as well as several others throughout civilized planets, are the Rangers, the "others" Draal spoke of, to help their fight in the upcoming war, and gives Sheridan equal authority to command the Rangers.

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