The Moon Is... the Sun's Dream

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The Moon Is... the Sun's Dream
Moon is the Sun's Dream film poster.jpg
Hangul ...
Revised Romanization Daleun...haega kkuneun kkum
McCune–Reischauer Talŭn...haeka kkunŭn kkum
Directed by Park Chan-wook
Produced by Go Sun-jong
Im Jin-gyu
Written by Kim Yong-tae
Park Chan-wook
Starring Lee Seung-chul
Na Hyeon-hee
Music by Sin Jae-hong
Cinematography Park Seung-bae
Edited by Kim Hee-su
Release date
  • February 29, 1992 (1992-02-29)
Running time
103 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

The Moon Is... the Sun's Dream is the 1992 debut feature by South Korean film director Park Chan-wook.


Mu-hoon, a gangster in Busan, is the half brother of Ha-young, a successful photographer. When Mu-hoon is caught having an affair with his boss' mistress, Eun-joo, the two run off with their organization's money. They are soon caught, but although Mu-hoon escapes, Eun-joo is given a scar on her cheek as punishment, and sold into prostitution. A year later, Mu-hoon finds a photograph of Eun-joo in Ha-young's studio, but although he is able to rescue her, he is eventually tracked down by the mob. Threatened with Eun-joo's death, Mu-hoon accepts a job to kill a man, only to discover that his target is in fact his best friend, Man-soo.


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