The Moor's Pavane

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The Moor's Pavane is a 20-minute ballet based upon the tragedy Othello by William Shakespeare. The ballet was choreographed by José Limón to music from Henry Purcell's Abdelazer, The Gordion Knot Untied, and the pavane from Pavane and Chaconne for Strings, arranged by Simon Sadoff.[1] The ballet's four dancers represent The Moor, Desdemona, Iago, and Emilia. The work premiered at the Connecticut College American Dance Festival in 1949. American Ballet Theatre was the first company outside Limon's company to include the work in its repertory.[2] Notable interpreters of the Moor include Rudolf Nureyev.


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  • Telecast excerpt, 1955 A selection (1 minute 40 seconds) from original footage telecast by the Canadian Broadcasting Company on 6 March 1955, featuring Betty Jones, José Limón, Lucas Hoving and Pauline Koner