All Night Long (1962 film)

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All Night Long
All Night Long FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byBasil Dearden
Produced byMichael Relph
Bob Roberts
Basil Dearden
Written byNel King
Paul Jarrico
StarringPatrick McGoohan
Marti Stevens
Paul Harris
Keith Michell
Richard Attenborough
Betsy Blair
Music byPhilip Green
CinematographyEdward Scaife
Edited byJohn D. Guthridge
Distributed byJ. Arthur Rank (UK)
Colorama Features (US)
Release date
6 February 1962 (UK)
17 April 1963
Running time
91 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

All Night Long is a 1962 British drama film directed by Basil Dearden, and starring Patrick McGoohan, Marti Stevens, Paul Harris, Keith Michell, Richard Attenborough and Betsy Blair. The story, written by Nel King and Paul Jarrico, writing under the name Peter Achilles, is an updated version of Shakespeare's Othello, set in the London jazz scene of the 1960s. The black-and-white film features performances by several prominent British and American jazz musicians.

Patrick McGoohan as Johnny Cousin


The musician Aurelius Rex and his wife Delia, a retired singer, are the recipients of a wedding anniversary party in London thrown by a wealthy music promoter, Rod Hamilton.

An ambitious drummer, Johnny Cousin, wants to start his own band. He promises to persuade Delia to come out of retirement and resume performing, having been told that this is the only way his band will be backed.

Told in no uncertain terms that Delia has no intention of resuming her career, Johnny begins a series of machinations at the party designed to make Rex believe that Delia has been having an affair with Cass, the band's manager. He even alters a tape recording to distort the meaning of Delia's private conversation.

Johnny's back-stabbing costs Cass his job. Delia's performance of a song, rehearsed solely for the party, furthers Rex's suspicions that she is unhappy at home. Rex assaults Delia and makes public accusations about her fidelity. In the ensuing conversations, everyone, including Johnny's neglected wife Emily, eventually realises that Johnny has fabricated the entire story. It is implied that Delia and Rex resume their relationship.


Home media[edit]

The film was released in the UK by Network DVD in 2007, and by The Criterion Collection in January 2011.[1] A blu-ray edition will be released by Network DVD in 2016.

Original music[edit]


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