The Perfect Assistant

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The Perfect Assistant
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Written by Christine Conradt
Directed by Douglas Jackson
Starring Josie Davis
Chris Potter
Rachel Hunter
Country of origin United States United States
Canada Canada
Original language(s) English
Running time 95 minutes
Original network The Movie Network
Lifetime Network
Original release January 2, 2008
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The Perfect Assistant is a 2008 American-Canadian made-for-television Drama film starring Josie Davis and Chris Potter .


The movie begins with the hiring of Rachel Partson (Josie Davis) as an administrative assistant at Wescott Public Relations. She is a nice girl, but starts to obsess over her boss David Wescott (Chris Potter). She finds out he has a wife who is dying and a daughter.

His wife soon dies, due to an injection Rachel gives her. Then Rachel gives a stomach bug to David's business partner, Judith (Rachel Hunter), allowing her to go to New York with David.

Rachel asks her cousin Nora, to watch her house while she is in New York. Nora's computer crashes so she uses Rachel's, who returns from New York and is angry to discover this. Nora confronts her, but Rachel kills her by pushing her down the stairs. Judith and co-worker Wally tell their suspicions of Rachel to David, who later fires her.[1]

Rachel thinks he only fired her so he can date her without being an employee. She shows up at David's house, who tells her he doesn't love her. When he throws a dinner party for the employees who secured a deal with a major company. Rachel shows up, threatens David with a gun and takes everyone hostage. Rachel unloads her anger onto them and shoots Judith. The police arrive and arrest Rachel.

The film ends with Rachel writing a letter to David that says she looks forward to seeing him. She is shown to be in jail.[2]


The Arboretum park in Ottawa was used as a location for New York's Central Park.

The movie was filmed almost entirely in Ottawa, Canada. Locations include Sparks Street, Casino Lac Leamy (in Gatineau), The Glebe neighborhood, and the Glebe Collegiate Institute. The Arboretum park adjacent to the Rideau Canal was used as Central Park.

Some exterior shots were taken in New York City.


The Film was produced by the Lifetime Network in the United States, with Showcase, and The Movie Network in Canada.

International release of the film in: Italy (as Amore senza pietà), France (as Une assistante presque parfaite), the Netherlands, Argentina (as La asistente perfecta), Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, and Australia.[3]


  • Josie Davis as Rachel Partson
  • Chris Potter as David Wescott
  • Rachel Hunter as Judith Manion
  • Veronique-Natale Szalankiewicz as Isabelle Wescott
  • Jason Harper as Wally
  • Deborah Pollitt as Nora
  • Sophie Gendron as Mary-Beth
  • Samantha Kaine as Lara Steeves
  • Ian M. Watson as Grady Bransen
  • Paul Hopkins as John Price
  • Jennifer Marcil as Carol Wescott
  • Caitie Campo as Young Rachel


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