The Princess of Temple Street

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The Princess of Temple Street
Traditional 廟街公主
Simplified 庙街公主
Mandarin Miào Jiē Gōng Zhǔ
Cantonese Miu6 Gaai1 Gung1 Zyu2
Directed by Ching Fung
Produced by Rocco Leung
Written by Herman Ng
Starring Michael Tse
Tiffany Lee
Belinda Hamnett
Law Kar-ying
Kingdom Yuen
Lee Fung
Music by Carlton Chu
Cinematography Patrick Chim
Edited by Chow Wai Keung
Punch Pictures
Release date
  • 15 December 2003 (2003-12-15)
Running time
89 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

The Princess of Temple is a 2003 Hong Kong romantic comedy film directed by Ching Fung and starring Michael Tse and Tiffany Lee. The film was later re-issued as Laughing Lovers (Chinese: 我愛Laughing) after Tse's successful portrayal of "Laughing Gor" in the 2009 TVB series E.U..


Ever since little, Wilford (Michael Tse) has been suffering from mysophobia. Even his longtime girlfriend Flan (Belinda Hamnett) cannot stand him and dumped him. While he is feeling all sad, his friends bring him to Temple Street where steps in for the first time ever. There, he bumps into the "The Princess of Temple Street" Sue (Tiffany Lee). As Wilford spends time with Sue, his mysophobia goes away and also develops a relationship with her. Things were going on pretty well until Flan returns.


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