The Pyramid

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The Pyramid
Chatham-Islands map topo en.svg
Map showing location of The Pyramid
Archipelago Chatham Islands
Population 0

The Pyramid (Tarakoikoia)[1] is a small island south of Pitt Island in the Chatham Islands group of New Zealand. The site has been identified as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International because it supports the only known breeding colony of Chatham albatrosses, with 4575 pairs recorded in 2001.[2]

On the LHS South East Island (Rangatira) and in the distance in the middle of photograph "The Pyramid"(Tarakoikoia)

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Coordinates: 44°25′56″S 176°14′27″W / 44.43222°S 176.24083°W / -44.43222; -176.24083