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A discography of The Searchers.


Year Title (A-side) B-side Chart Positions U.K. Album U.S. Album
UK Singles Chart[1] US
VG-lista, Norway[2] Swedish Sales Chart[3] German Sales Chart[4]
1963 "Sweets for My Sweet"
(originally recorded by The Drifters)
"It's All Been a Dream" 1 8 5 44 A: Meet The Searchers
B: Non-album track
A: Hear! Hear!
B: Non-album track
"Sweet Nothin's"
(originally recorded by Brenda Lee)
"What'd I Say" 48 Non-album tracks A: The Searchers Meet The Rattles
B: Non-album track
"Sugar and Spice"
(originally recorded by Tony Hatch)
"Saints and Searchers" 2 44 Sugar and Spice Non-album tracks
1964 "Needles and Pins"
(originally recorded by Jackie DeShannon)
"Saturday Night Out"
(UK and US 2nd pressings)
"Ain't That Just Like Me"
(US original pressings)
1 13 8 6 8 A: It's The Searchers
UK & US 2nd B: Non-album tracks
US original B: Sugar and Spice
Meet The Searchers
"Don't Throw Your Love Away"
(originally recorded by The Orlons)
"I Pretend I'm with You" 1 16 3 37 A: It's The Searchers
B: Non-album track
This Is Us
"Someday We're Gonna Love Again"
(originally recorded by Barbara Lewis)
"No One Else Could Love Me" 11 34 A: The Searchers' Smash Hits
B: Non-album track
Non-album tracks
"When You Walk in the Room"
(originally recorded by Jackie DeShannon)
"I'll Be Missing You" 3 35 20 A: Searchers' Smash Hits Vol. 2
B: Non-album track
Non-album tracks
"Love Potion No. 9"
(originally recorded by The Clovers)
"Hi-Heel Sneakers" NR 3 23 A: The Searchers' Smash Hits
B: It's The Searchers
This Is Us
"What Have They Done to the Rain"
(originally recorded by Malvina Reynolds)
"This Feeling Inside" 13 29 13 A: The Searchers' Smash Hits
B: Searchers' Smash Hits Vol. 2
A: The New Searchers LP
B: Non-album track
1965 "Bumble Bee"
(originally recorded by LaVern Baker)
"Everything You Do" (US first pressings)
"A Tear Fell" (US later pressings)
NR 21 20 Sounds Like Searchers The New Searchers LP
"Goodbye My Love"
(originally recorded by Jimmy Hughes)
(US single shown as "Goodbye My Lover Goodbye")
"Till I Met You" 4 52 16 A: Searchers' Smash Hits Vol. 2
B: The Searchers' Smash Hits
No. 4
"He's Got No Love" "So Far Away" 12 79 A: The Searchers' Smash Hits
B: Non-album track
Take Me For What I'm Worth
"When I Get Home"
(originally recorded by Bobby Darin)
"I'm Never Coming Back" 35 Non-album tracks
"Don't You Know Why" "You Can't Lie to a Liar" NR Take Me for What I'm Worth
"Take Me for What I'm Worth"
(originally recorded by P. F. Sloan)
"Too Many Miles" 20 76 14
1966 "Take It or Leave It"
(originally recorded by The Rolling Stones)
"Don't Hide It Away" 31 16 A: Searchers' Smash Hits Vol. 2
B: Non-album tracks
Non-album tracks
"Have You Ever Loved Somebody?"
(originally recorded by The Hollies)
"It's Just the Way (Love Will Come and Go)" 48 94
1967 "Popcorn Double Feature"
(originally recorded by Tim Wilde)
"Lovers" Non-album tracks
"Western Union"
(originally recorded by The Five Americans)
"I'll Cry Tomorrow" NR
"Second Hand Dealer" "Crazy Dreams"
1968 "Umbrella Man" "Over the Weekend" NR
1969 "Somebody Shot the Lollipop Man"
(Released under the pseudonym "Pasha")
"Pussy Willow Dragon" NR
"Shoot 'Em Up Baby"
(originally recorded by Andy Kim)
"Suzanna" NR
"Kinky Kathy Abernathy" "Suzanna" NR
1971 "Desdemona" "The World Is Waiting for Tomorrow" 94 A: Second Take
B: Non-album track
"Love Is Everywhere" "And a Button" Non-album tracks
1972 "Sing Singer Sing" "Come On Back to Me" A: Non-album track
B: Second Take
"Needles and Pins" (re-recording) "When You Walk in the Room"/
"Come On Back to Me"
Second Take
1973 "Vahevala"
(originally recorded by Loggins & Messina)
"Madman" Non-album tracks
1974 "Solitaire"
(originally recorded by Neil Sedaka)
"Spicks and Specks"
1979 "Hearts in Her Eyes"
(given to the group by The Records)
"Don't Hang On" The Searchers
"It's Too Late" "This Kind of Love Affair" (UK)
"Don't Hang On" (US)
1981 "Love's Melody"
(originally recorded by Ducks Deluxe)
"Changing" (UK)
"Little Bit of Heaven" (US)
A & US B: Love's Melodies
UK B: Non-album track
"Another Night" "Back to the War" A: Love's Melodies
B: Non-album track
1982 "I Don't Want to Be the One" "Hollywood" Non-album tracks


Studio albums

  • 1963 – Meet The Searchers (UK #2)[5]
  • 1963 – Sugar and Spice (UK #5)
  • 1964 – Hear Hear! (U.S.)
  • 1964 – It's The Searchers (UK #4)
  • 1964 – This Is Us (U.S.)
  • 1965 – Sounds Like Searchers (UK #8)
  • 1964/1965 – The New Searchers LP (Chris, John, Mike, & Frank)
  • 1965 – Smash Hits
  • 1965 – Take Me for What I'm Worth
  • 1967 – Smash Hits Vol. 2
  • 1972 - Second Take (Re-recordings in Stereo) (UK)
  • 1972 – Needles and Pins (Re-recordings in stereo) (US)
  • 1979 – The Searchers
  • 1981 – Love's Melodies (released as Play For Today in UK)
  • 1987 – Play the System
  • 1989 – Hungry Hearts

Notes: Smash Hits and Smash Hits Vol. 2 are compilation albums that have been included because a number of charts hits never made it to a regular album. Hear Hear! and This Is Us are seldom mentioned on the web. They have been included because they contain songs that did not appear on other albums. The Play the System album has been added because that album too contains early 1960s songs that did not appear on previous albums. Needles and Pins features new recordings of their hits.

Compilation albums

  • 2008 – The Very Best of The Searchers (UK #11)

Note: This is the only compilation album to chart in the UK.


  • 1963 – The Searchers: Recorded Live at the Star Club, Hamburg, Germany
  • 1963 – Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya
  • 1963 – Sweets For My Sweet
  • 1964 – Hungry For Love
  • 1964 – The Searchers Play The System
  • 1965 – When You Walk In The Room
  • 1965 – Bumble Bee
  • 1965 – Searchers '65
  • 1965 – Four By Four
  • 1966 – Take Me For What I'm Worth


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