The Sower (sculpture)

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The Sower
ArtistGustav Bohland
Dimensions150 cm (60 in)
LocationFroedtert Malting Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Coordinates43°0′18.059″N 87°57′43.274″W / 43.00501639°N 87.96202056°W / 43.00501639; -87.96202056Coordinates: 43°0′18.059″N 87°57′43.274″W / 43.00501639°N 87.96202056°W / 43.00501639; -87.96202056

The Sower is a public art work by artist Gustav Bohland, located on the south side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[1] The bronze sculpture depicts an agricultural worker dressed in overalls and carrying a seed bag. The figure's shirt sleeves are rolled up past his elbows and the wide brim of a hat shades his face. His shirt collar is open. One hand holds the seed bag against his hip, and the other hand is cupped and extended in a gesture of scattering seeds. His boots rest on a small round base mounted on a circular flagstone pedestal.[2] The artwork is located at the former corporate headquarters of Froedtert Malting Company which is now the US headquarters for MaltEurop.

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