The Tri-Tone Fascination

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The Tri-Tone Fascination
Shawn Lane - 1999 - The Tri-Tone Fascination.jpg
Studio album by Shawn Lane
Released 1999 (1999)
Recorded Sounds Good Recording in Memphis, Tennessee[1]
Genre Instrumental rock, jazz fusion
Length 53:40
Label Eye Reckon
Producer Shawn Lane, Les Birchfield
Shawn Lane chronology
Powers of Ten
(1992)Powers of Ten1992
The Tri-Tone Fascination
Powers of Ten; Live!
(2001)Powers of Ten; Live!2001
Alternative cover
2000 reissue
2000 reissue
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3/5 stars[2]

The Tri-Tone Fascination is the second and final studio album by guitarist Shawn Lane, released in 1999 through Eye Reckon Records; a second edition was reissued in 2000, containing a revised track listing (with the omission of two songs) and different cover art.[3] The opening track, "Kaiser Nancarrow", was inspired by and named after composer Conlon Nancarrow.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Kaiser Nancarrow" Shawn Lane, Sean Rickman 4:43
2. "Peace in Mississippi" Jimi Hendrix 3:54
3. "Minarets" Lane, Luther Dickinson 3:30
4. "The Way It Has to Be" Lane 4:39
5. "Nine=101" Lane, Jonas Hellborg 4:26
6. "Art Tatum" Lane 2:05
7. "Hardcase" Lane, John Eatman 4:58
8. "Trois Sept Cinq" Lane 4:19
9. "The Hurt, the Joy" Lane, Tom Ward 4:00
10. "One Note at a Time" Lane 3:30
11. "Maria" Lane 5:44
12. "Song For Diane (World Keeps Spinning)" Lane 5:23
13. "Ich Ruf Zu Dir Herr Jesu" Johann Sebastian Bach; arr. Eduard Artemyev 2:29
Total length: 53:40



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