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The Warrell Corporation is a confectionery manufacturing company based in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.


The company was established in 1965 by Lincoln Warrell, originally named Pennsylvania Dutch Candies.[1]

In 2000, Pennsylvania Dutch Candies, Katherine Beecher Candies and Melster Candies were brought together under the new Warrell Corporation name and the company opened a new 200,000 sq ft manufacturing facility.[2] Melster was originally acquired in 1982 but was sold in 2004 to Colorado-based Impact Confections.[3]

With more than 300 employees, the company's main manufacturing facilities are located at the township of Lower Allen, Cumberland County.[1] A significant portion of the company's business involves contract manufacturing for other confectioners,[4] specifically high-quantity chocolate and caramel enrobing.[5] In addition to contract manufacturing, the company focuses on maintaining non-seasonal products to ensure year-round financial stability.[1][4]

Lincoln Warrell has continued as the company's Chairman and CEO. In 2001, Warrell was inducted into the National Confectionery Sales Association's Candy Hall of Fame.[6] He was previously a Director and Vice-President of the National Confectioners Association. In 2005, he was awarded Candy Industry Magazine's Kettle Award.[7] The company's current President, Patrick Huffman, has since been nominated for the same award several times.

Warrell Corporation Brands[edit]

Pennsylvania Dutch Candies remains a Warrell Corporation brand. They make candies such as Sanded Candy Drops, chocolate-covered pretzels, stick candy, nuts, and dried fruits, and peanut brittle.

In 2010, the company began contract-manufacturing Bonomo's Turkish Taffy.[8] The company was the only manufacturer with equipment capable of making the certified-kosher confectionery.

In 2009, the company acquired the Classic Caramel Co., which had been based in Pennsylvania until its closure in 2008. The company was restarted and renamed the The Warrell Classic Co. and continues to make the 30 different types of caramel original distributed under the Classic Caramel brand.[9] The company reopened the Classic Caramel Co. manufacturing facility in York, Pennsylvania.[10]

In early 2013, the company announced that it had sold three of its brands to the Texas-based Atkinson Candy Company. Warrell is to continue manufacturing Slo Poke, Black Cow and Sophie Mae candies in Pennsylvania, though longer-term manufacturing arrangements have not been finalised.[11]


In 2013, Warrell Corp. representatives announced the company would be supporting Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey's bill to "end sugar market controls and subsidies". Representatives of The Hershey Company have announced they would also be supporting the legislation.[12]


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