The Witches Cave

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The Witches Cave
The Witches Cave DVD.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Yuri Moroz
Produced by Igor Nosov
Vladislav Sverkunov
Written by Kir Bulychov
Starring Sergey Zhigunov
Marina Levtova
Dmitry Pevtsov
Nikolai Karachentsov
Igor Yasulovich
Zhanna Prokhorenko
Music by Maksim Dunayevsky
Cinematography Alexander Filatov
Alexander Krupnikov
Edited by Valentina Mironova
Release dates
  • 1989 (1989)
Running time
81 min
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

The Witches Cave (Russian: Подземелье ведьм) was a 1989 science fiction, fantasy film from Gorky Film Studio, USSR and Barrandov Studios, Czechoslovakia.

The script was written by Kir Bulychov based upon his own story and directed by Yuri Moroz. The cast featured Sergei Zhigunov as Andrei Bruce, Marina Levtova as Belogurochka, Dmitry Pevtsov as Oktin Khash and Nikolai Karachentsov as cosmolinguist Jean.

Plot summary[edit]

An interstellar expedition is sent to study a strange planet far from Earth. Despite the fact that creatures from various Earth time periods appear to inhabit the world (mammoths, pterodactyls, dinosaurs, horses, birds, etc.), the stone-age-level natives also possess swords made of metal, even though their civilization should have no knowledge of such advanced weaponry.

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