The Woman Who Willed a Miracle

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The Woman Who Willed a Miracle
Genre Adventure
Written by Arthur Heinemann
Directed by Sharron Miller
Starring Cloris Leachman
M. Emmet Walsh
Leif Green
Rosemary Murphy
Music by Glenn Paxton
Country of origin U.S.
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Dick Clark
Producer(s) Joanne Curley-Kerner
Preston Fischer
Sharron Miller
Location(s) Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles
Cinematography Paul Lohmann
Editor(s) Arthur Schneider
Sharron Miller
Running time 45 min.
Production company(s) Dick Clark Productions
Distributor ABC
Original network ABC
Original release February 9, 1983

The Woman Who Willed a Miracle (1983), is an ABC Afterschool Special starring Cloris Leachman, M. Emmet Walsh, Leif Green and Rosemary Murphy.

Dick Clark was the executive producer under the auspices of his company, Dick Clark Productions. It was produced by Preston Fischer, Sharron Miller, and Joanne Curley-Kerner, and was directed by Sharron Miller and written by Arthur Heinemann. It tells the extraordinary true story of Leslie Lemke, a blind, cognitively impaired boy with cerebral palsy who was raised from infancy by a foster mother who stubbornly refused to let him die. Because of her love and dedication, he not only survived but was discovered to be a musical savant.

The New York Times called it one of the most famous of all Afterschool specials.



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