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Elmo Saves Christmas is a 60-minute television special and home video that was released and aired on PBS in 1996. In the story, Elmo learns that Christmas cannot occur every day. The special was shot at Sesame Street's usual home, the Kaufman Astoria Studios in New York City.


Elmo stays up till midnight on Christmas Eve, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus. He eventually falls asleep, but is awakened when Santa gets lodged halfway up his chimney. Santa tells him that when he pulled him out of the chimney, he saved Christmas for children all over the world. To thank him, he lets him choose a special Christmas present. Either a pink teddy bear or a magic snow globe. Elmo chooses the snow globe and gets three wishes. He uses his first wish for a glass of water, which was wasteful, but Santa warns him not to waste the other two wishes.

On Christmas morning, Elmo, excited by all the joy and cheer, wishes for it to be Christmas every day as his second wish, which turns out to be a big mistake. At first, everyone is excited, but Santa arrives, explaining to Elmo that Christmas cannot occur everyday because it wouldn't be special. To that, he has Lightning the reindeer take him on a sleigh ride to the future to see what happened when Elmo made the wish, seeing what Christmas is like in the spring and summer. Big Bird is upset because his friend, Snuffy, went to celebrate Christmas with his grandmother in Cincinnati and promised him that he'd return the day after Christmas, but because Elmo made the wish, Snuffy never came back, the elves haven't gotten a vacation in years, Easter and Independence Day aren't the same, but Oscar enjoys it since his trash can is surrounded by wrapping paper and worn-out Christmas trees, broken toasters piled up outside the Fix-It Shop, and nothing playing on television but It's a Wonderful Life, declaring it a "bah, humbug" kind of Christmas every day.

Elmo and Lightning then travel to next winter at Christmastime, only to find Sesame Street in ruins, the Count "all Christmassed out" from all the Christmases he's counted these last few months, the carolers lose their voices from singing so much, Christmas trees are an endangered species, Big Bird is crying because Snuffy has been gone for a whole year, the Fix-It Shop goes out of business, and Santa has decided to retire and move to Florida.

Guilty and realizing the wish was all his fault, Elmo realizes he can fix it all with his last wish from the snow globe, wishing that everything would go back to the way it was when Christmas was only once a year. However, the snow globe flies out of his hands and breaks, but luckily, he and Lightning go back in time to the Christmas Eve where it all began when Elmo pulled Santa out of the chimney. This time, Elmo chooses a new gift, the Moo Bunny, a plush toy which is a cross between a cow and a rabbit. The next morning, a lonely Big Bird is standing outside the Fix-It Shop when Snuffy arrives. Instead of spending Christmas with his grandmother in Cincinnati, she came to Sesame Street instead. Afterwards, Elmo learns that although Christmas can't be every day, it's always good to keep the spirit of Christmas every day and every year in your heart.


Muppet performers[edit]

Additional Muppets performed by Alice Dinnean, Peter Linz, Noel MacNeal, Jim Martin, John Tartaglia, and Matt Vogel.

Background Muppets[edit]

Ernie, Bert, Grundgetta, Herry Monster, Prairie Dawn, Forgetful Jones, Ingrid, Penguins, Shery Netherland, Honker, Joey and Davey Monkey, Chickens, Lambs, Goat, Anything Muppets, AM Monsters

Songs and sketches[edit]

  1. Christmas Story Begins
  2. It's Christmas Again Number One
  3. Cookie Monster and Elmo Get Your Cookies, and Big Bird and Snuffy Go To Cincinnati
  4. It's Christmas Again Number Two, Christmas Story Continues, Christmas Story Continued, and Sesame Street News Flash
  5. It's Christmas Again Number Three
  6. Every Day Can't Be Christmas
  7. It's Christmas Again Number Four
  8. Give Your Friend an Easter Egg for Christmas
  9. It's Christmas Again Number Five
  10. All I Want For Christmas Is You
  11. It's Christmas Again Hoarsely
  12. Every Day Can't Be Christmas (Reprise)
  13. Keep Christmas with You (All Through The Year)

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