Things We Do for Love (play)

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Things We Do For Love
Things We Do For Love.jpg
Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Characters Barbara
Date premiered 29 April 1997
Place premiered Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough
Original language English
Subject Domestic Violence
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Ayckbourn chronology
The Champion Of Paribanou
Comic Potential

Things We Do For Love is a 1997 play by British playwright Alan Ayckbourn, premièred as the Stephen Joseph Theatre. It is about a woman who begins an affair with her best friend's fiancé, only for this new relationship to swiftly descend into violence. It was the first Ayckbourn play to be performed on the end-stage in the theatre's new end-space at its current site, and was performed with three floors in view: head-level of the basement, the whole of the ground floor and foot-level of the top floor.

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