This Is Where We Came In

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This Is Where We Came In
Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Characters Great Aunt Repetitus
Uncle Erraticus
Uncle Oblivious
Kevin on Keyboards
Date premiered 4/11 August 1990
Place premiered Stephen Joseph Theatre (Westwood site), Scarborough
Original language English
Subject Storytelling, re-inventing fairy tales
Official site
Ayckbourn chronology
Body Language
Callisto 5

This Is Where We Came In is a 1990 children's play by British playwright Alan Ayckbourn. It is about three storytellers, Great Aunt Repetitus, Uncle Erraticus, Uncle Oblivious, who trap six players in twisted re-interpretations of fairy tales. It was originally presented as a two-parter shown on Saturday mornings, where the plays could be seen out of order, but the two parts were put together and made into a single event in Christmas 1991.

This Is Where We Came In is a chronicle of a group of misfits who have fallen victim to their story-teller overloard's fierce control.