This Is the Way (Dannii Minogue song)

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"This Is the Way"
Single by Dannii Minogue
from the album Get into You
B-side "No Secret"
Released 20 September 1993 (1993-09-20)
Format CD single, Vinyl single, Cassette single
Recorded 1993
Genre Dance-pop
Length 4:00
Label MCA, Universal, Mushroom
Writer(s) Michael Ward, Cary Baylis, Eliot Kennedy
Producer(s) Ward, Kennedy
Dannii Minogue singles chronology
"This Is It"
"This Is the Way"
"Get into You"
Alternative covers
UK CD Single #2 Cover

"This Is the Way" is a dance-pop song written by Eliot Kennedy, Cary Baylis and Michael Ward (who also worked contemporaneously on hits for Kavana and Lulu) for Dannii Minogue's second album Get into You (1993). The song was released as the album's fourth single in September 1993.

Music video[edit]

The song's music video, filmed in New Jersey, serves as a sequel to that of Minogue's previous hit, "This Is It". In it, Minogue is portrayed as a woman with a lucrative career, who is doing very well - until in a coffee shop, she sees a couple being romantic towards one another, which causes her to reminisce about her time with her boyfriend (Julian McMahon). Upon returning to work, she bumps into a similarly high-career man, causing her to drop her papers. He picks them up for her, and is amazed upon seeing her. They go out for a coffee date the next day, but when he goes too far in getting close to her, she snaps and throws coffee over him. She goes to her apartment and breaks down. When she sees a photo of her and McMahon kissing, she drastically changes out of her work outfit and packs for a trip to McMahon's Turnpike farmhouse. However, while she is packing for her trip, her coffee date from earlier knocks on the door, intending to apologise for his mistake. But Minogue is intent on rekindling her relationship with McMahon and sneaks out through the back door and through the fire escape and makes her way into her car, in which she drives off. However, as she drives, she looks to see that the man is driving in the car behind her, but she manages to evade him by driving through a tollbooth and through a highway. At Turnpike, her car breaks down and she is forced to buy a bike to ride the rest of the way to McMahon's farmhouse.

While all this is happening, McMahon is shown doing various things: painting a still life portrait, chopping wood from trees, pouring water over himself and running with his dog, all while secretly thinking about his time with Minogue. Towards the end, he sees Minogue's bike riding along while he is in his backyard. As she knocks on his door, he answers, and both look at each other tense, but he smiles and Minogue gives a relieved look. The video ends just as the couple reunite amicably.

Formats and track listings[edit]

These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "This Is the Way".

Australian CD single (D11584)

  1. "This Is the Way" (7" edit)
  2. "This Is the Way" (12" version)
  3. "This Is the Way" (The Cool 7")
  4. "This Is the Way" (Dub version)

Australian Cassingle (C11584)

  1. "This Is the Way" (7" edit)
  2. "This Is the Way" (12" version)
  3. "This Is the Way" (The Cool 7")
  4. "This Is the Way" (Dub version)

UK CD single #1

  1. "This Is the Way" (7" edit)
  2. "This Is the Way" (12" version)
  3. "This Is the Way" (The Cool 7")
  4. "This Is the Way" (Dub version)

UK CD single #2

  1. "This Is the Way" (7" edit)
  2. "No Secret"
  3. "This Is the Way" (5 Boys mix)
  4. "This Is the Way" (Funk mix)


Chart (1993) Peak
Australian Singles Chart[1] 45
UK Singles Chart[2] 27


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