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Thomas Berling (born 21 January 1979) is a retired Norwegian football defender.[1] His retirement from football sparked media attention.

He hails from Drevja.[2] He played for Nardo FK, and joined Lyn ahead of the 1999 season. He played four games in the second highest Norwegian league,[1] and also played for the u-19 national team.[3]

In 2000, he disappeared from professional football. It later surfaced that he had come out as gay, and that he quit football as a result of what he described as widespread homophobia in the football community.[3] In 2001, he briefly came out of retirement, playing for lower league Drøbak/Frogn IF.[3]

Berling's case was cited several times in the upcoming years, as the connection between homophobia and sport was discussed in the national media now and then.[4][5][6]

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