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Tianyuan (Chinese: 天元; Pinyin: Tiān Yuán), literally meaning center or origin of heaven, is the center point on a Go board, i.e., tengen. It is also the name of a Go competition in China, which is the equivalent to the Nihon Ki-in's Tengen in Japan, and the Hanguk Kiwon's Chunwon. The winners of the Tianyuan and the Chunwon go on to play each other, in the annual China–Korea Tengen competition.[1]


Tianyuan competition is sponsored by the Zhongguo Qiyuan, New People's Evening News and New People's Weiqi Monthly Magazine. The preliminaries is a direct knockout while the final is a best of three. The komi is 7.5 points. The winner's purse is 150,000 CY ($24,000).

Past winners and runners-up[edit]

Year Winner Score Runner-up
1987 Ma Xiaochun 2–1 Nie Weiping
1988 Liu Xiaoguang 3–2 Ma Xiaochun
1989 Liu Xiaoguang 3–2 Jiang Zhujiu
1990 Liu Xiaoguang 3–2 Qian Yuping
1991 Nie Weiping 3–0 Liu Xiaoguang
1992 Nie Weiping 3–1 Ma Xiaochun
1993 Liu Xiaoguang 3–1 Nie Weiping
1994 Ma Xiaochun 3–0 Liu Xiaoguang
1995 Ma Xiaochun 3–1 Nie Weiping
1996 Ma Xiaochun 3–1 Liu Xiaoguang
1997 Chang Hao 3–1 Ma Xiaochun
1998 Chang Hao 3–2 Wang Lei (Go player)
1999 Chang Hao 3–1 Liu Xiaoguang
2000 Chang Hao 3–1 Dong Yan
2001 Chang Hao 3–0 Ding Wei
2002 Huang Yizhong 2-0 Chang Hao
2003 Gu Li 2–1 Huang Yizhong
2004 Gu Li 2–0 Xie He
2005 Gu Li 2–1 Zhou Heyang
2006 Gu Li 2-1 Zhou Ruiyang
2007 Gu Li 2-1 Liu Shizhen
2008 Gu Li 2-1 Zhou Heyang
2009 Chen Yaoye 2–0 Gu Li
2010 Chen Yaoye 2-1 Gu Li
2011 Chen Yaoye 2–0 Zhou Hexi
2012 Chen Yaoye 2–0 Zhou Hexi
2013 Chen Yaoye 2–0 Gu Lingyi

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