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Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe in 2006
Background information
Origin Ruhr, Germany
Genres Hip-hop, rapcore, pop
Years active 1995–2000, 2005–2007
Labels Sony BMG Germany
Past members Liane "Lee" Springer-Wiegelmann, Ricarda "Ricky" Wältken, Marlene "Jazzy" Tackenberg, Sara Brahms

Tic Tac Toe was an all-female German group. Formed in 1995 in Ruhr, they released their self-titled debut album in 1996. Their second album, Klappe die 2te, was released the following year to even a greater success. After a successful first few years, the group split due to personal difficulties in 2000, having sold over 3 million records. Tic Tac Toe attempted a return to the spotlight by releasing a hit single "Spiegel" in 2005. After disappointing sales of their 2006 Comeback album, the Tic Tac Toe project was abandoned.


1995-1996: Formation and early years[edit]

The band was established in 1995 by three young women from the industrial Ruhr valley area: Lee (Liane Wiegelmann), Ricky (Ricarda Wältken) and Jazzy (Marlene Tackenberg). According to their record company, the three girls met at a hip hop festival. However, as many details of their biographies later turned out to be manipulated, it should be taken with a grain of salt - especially since the company never disclosed where and when said festival had taken place.

Their first single was "Ich find' dich scheiße" which became a major hit in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The debut album, Tic Tac Toe, was released in 1996 to a great success, reaching Top 5. It spawned further singles: "Funky" and "Leck mich am A, B, Zeh". However, it was the fourth single, "Verpiss' dich", that became the band's first number 1 hit in Germany. A string of rap-influenced pop hits helped to spread Tic Tac Toe's popularity outside German speaking countries, but it was also their company's careful marketing plan what contributed to the band's success. In order to appeal to young audience, official biographies said the age of all girls was 18. That reflected only Ricky's real age as the other two vocalists were already in their twenties at that time. Much media publicity was caused by Tic Tac Toe alleged conflict with a German rapper Sabrina Setlur, which most likely was also fabricated.

1997-2000: Second album[edit]

In 1997 the band released their second album, Klappe die 2te. It met with even greater reception than the previous one, topping German and Swiss charts, and remains their only chart-topping album. "Warum?", a song based on a real story of the band's friend who had died of drug overdose, became the lead single. The track went to number 1 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and remains group's best-known hit to date. Reggae-influenced "Mr. Wichtig" was released as the second single and became a Top 10 success. Two next singles charted outside Top 20, including "Bitte küss' mich nicht" which told about sexual harassment.

2001-2009: Comeback, Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert... and later years[edit]

Lee and Jazzy were performing as a duo for some time, before Sara Brahms joined the band. They recorded a single "Nie wieder" in 1999 as Sara @ Tic Tac Two, which turned out a considerable success. The third album followed in 2000, Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert..., recorded again with Sara, but released under the name Tic Tac Toe. It was promoted by three singles, with "Isch liebe disch" as the most successful one in charts. However, the album itself was a commercial disappointment and still in 2000 the band dissolved.

Tic Tac Toe reformed with the original line-up in 2005, after Ricky's return. At the end of the year the single "Spiegel" was released which was a chart success and brought the band back into the spotlight. Two albums were released in early 2006 within a one-month period: a hits collection and Comeback, the modestly successful fourth studio album. "Keine Ahnung" was released as the second single, but failed to enter the charts. Early 2007 saw the official break-up of Tic Tac Toe. In 2009 the band was rumoured to reform again, with Sara Brahms replacing Lee, who reportedly was struggling with depression, but the comeback was never materialized.

Band members[edit]

  • Lee – Liane Claudia Springer-Wiegelmann (born 29 July 1974 in Iserlohn): from 1995 to 2000 and from 2005 to 2007
  • Ricky – Ricarda Priscilla Nonyem Wältken (born 24 February 1978 in Dortmund): from 1995 to 1997 and from 2005 to 2007
  • Jazzy – Marlene Victoria Tackenberg (born 4 August 1975 in Gelsenkirchen): from 1995 to 2000 and from 2005 to 2007
  • Sara – Sara Brahms (born 24 July 1978 in Brighton): from 1998 to 2000



Year Title Peak chart positions Certifications
1996 Tic Tac Toe 3 3 4
  • GER: 2 × Platinum[6]
  • SWI: 2 × Platinum[7]
  • AUT: Platinum[8]
1997 Klappe die 2te 1 2 1 43 27
  • GER: 2 × Platinum[6]
  • SWI: 2 × Platinum[7]
  • AUT: Platinum[8]
  • POL: Gold[9]
2000 Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert... 34 50 92
2006 The Best Of 51 35
Comeback 25 26 43


Year Title Peak chart positions Certifications Album
1995 "Ich find' dich scheiße" 3 4 6 38
  • GER: Platinum[6]
Tic Tac Toe
1996 "Funky" 14 13 9
"Leck mich am A, B, Zeh" 21 18
"Verpiss' dich" 1 3 1
  • GER: Platinum[6]
  • AUT: Gold[8]
1997 "Warum?" 1 1 1 5 Klappe die 2te
"Mr. Wichtig" 6 6 10
"Ich wär' so gern so blöd wie du" 32 33
"Bitte küss' mich nicht" 47
1999 "Nie wieder" (Sara @ Tic Tac Two) 4 4 4 Spiesserparadies (Sara)
2000 "Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert..." 27 Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert...
"Isch liebe disch" 11 6 38
"Morgen ist heute schon gestern" 96
2005 "Spiegel" 7 7 10 Comeback
2006 "Keine Ahnung"


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