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Apologetix ticked.jpg
Studio album by ApologetiX
Released December 1997
Genre Christian
Length 74:35
Label Parodudes
Producer Karl Vaughn Messner
ApologetiX chronology
Radical History Tour
Jesus Christ Morningstar

Ticked is the third album released by Christian parody band ApologetiX. It was also their first album to be released on CD. Later, two songs from the album would be released on the band's greatest hits album.


Writing and recording[edit]

The origins for Ticked can be traced back to 1994, when the alternative rock movement was at its peak. As Apologetix gained popularity with youth groups, the band realized that they would need to write music that the youth at the time were interested in. As such, the band started to listen to music that was currently popular, and crafted appropriate parodies. Although the band had previously structured their parodies to be retellings of Bible stories, Apologetix set out to record songs for Ticked that would tackle specific issues facing Christians, like "suicide, atheism, evolution, hypocrisy, the end of the world, [and] separation of church and state".[1] After the band began writing material, it would take them two and a half years to acquire proper equipment and the finances to record, produce, and distribute the record.[1]


The title of the album was conceived by lead singer J. Jackson. The title was meant to not only emulate the angry emotion that was often associated with modern and alternative rock, it was also meant to produce the imagery of a clicking clock, with its hands moving towards the end of the world. Jackson later suggested that the band parody noted music magazine Rolling Stone on the cover; the album would later bear the header Rolling Clone, which was inspired by similar art in Wacky Packages and Mad Magazine. The title was also self-deprecating, as it allowed the band to poke fun at the fact that many people felt that they simply copied the music of others. In order to prevent fans from thinking that the title was called Rolling Clone, the cover also features text that reads "The name of this CD is: Ticked". The back of the CD case also features new pun-based names for that bands that are being parodied on the album.[1]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Cross Rhythms 8/10 stars[2]

Cross Rhythms reviewer Mike Rimmer awarded the album an eight out of ten, and called it "hysterical".[2] The review complimented the band's unique approach at blending popular songs with Christian lyrics, noting that "this is extremely clever stuff and credit has to be given to singer J. Jackson who works so hard at writing the lyrics."[2] Furthermore, Rimmer complimented the band's "effectiveness and affection", as well as the fact that all of the songs are "lampooned with a message".[2] Ultimately, Rimmer concluded that was "one of the most creative things I've heard in ages".[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Come Out & Pray" – 3:07
  2. "All ApologetiX" – 2:54
  3. "Naomi Gonna Be With Ruth" – 3:30
  4. "Shepherd's Paradise" – 4:13
  5. "Counting Blessings" – 3:56
  6. "Plump" – 2:09
  7. "Letterman" – 3:33
  8. "People" – 3:29
  9. "Big Deal" – 2:10
  10. "Little Sins" – 3:59
  11. "Stupid World" – 3:38
  12. "A Lie" – 4:40
  13. "Preachers" – 2:38
  14. "Who's There" – 3:45
  15. "Heaven Isn't Like That" – 4:52
  16. "No Chain" – 3:25
  17. "Young As You Are" – 3:48
  18. "Casket Place" – 2:53
  19. "Lightning Flashes" – 4:51
  20. "InYerFace Love Song" – 3:01
  21. "You Gotta Go" – 3:55

Credits and personnel[edit]


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