Tiller Upper Secondary School

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Tiller VGS
Founded: 1986
Students: 570
Employees: 110
Current headmaster: Torild Ofstad

Tiller Upper Secondary School (Norwegian: Tiller videregående skole) is situated in Tiller in southern Trondheim, next to Rosten School and is run by Sør-Trøndelag county municipality. The school was founded in 1986, and is therefore one of the youngest high schools in the county. At the time of its founding, there were no reserved buildings for the institution and the school had to borrow buildings in central Heimdal in the initial phases. In 1999, however, the school could move into brand new buildings and has stayed there since.

The school's facilities for the students includes a library with computer terminals for database searches, and a canteen that serves hot and cold meals all school days.

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