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Tim Knoll is a freestyle BMX rider who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[1] Known for his unique style that combines flatland and street tricks with acrobatic maneuvers, Knoll uses different aspects of the urban environment as apparatuses to perform his tricks.[2][3] He gained international recognition from a few online videos that have each amassed millions of views.[4] After his Original Bike Tricks video went viral, several of his video clips have been featured on television shows throughout the world, most notably The Tonight Show.[5] He performed on Star King (SBS) and set a Guinness World Record on Guinness China Night (CCTV-1).[6][7] Knoll has been featured in online video ads for Ford, Red Bull, Contiki Tours, as well as a mobile-only campaign for Doritos Jacked 3D.[5][8] An article on Red Bull's website describes him as one the most creative riders in the world.[9] He gave a TEDx Talk about using creativity to gain notoriety.[5]


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