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Titus Kent was a slave in colonial Suffield, Connecticut. His owner was Elihu Kent (1733–1814), and he was the father of Titus Gay (Old Ti). Titus Kent served in the American Revolution with the Connecticut militia. He served with his owner, Elihu Kent and with others from Suffield, Connecticut.

Suffield made up about one third of the Connecticut militia.[1] There was no official town militia, every town contributed to the Connecticut militia while possibly dividing up into different platoons, regiments, etc., based on location.[2] Initially, slaves were discouraged from enlisting in the Continental Army. The Continental Congress was trying to appease the southern states. Nevertheless, England offered freedom to slaves who fought for their side. Therefore, Congress relented and did the same in order to keep a balance.[3] Other slaves became part of the war everywhere.[4]


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