To Hebe

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To Hebe
Hebe Tien-To Hebe-cover.jpg
To Hebe cover
Studio album by Hebe Tien 田馥甄
Released 3 September 2010 (2010-09-03)
Genre Mandopop
Language Mandarin
Label HIM International Music, Konami
Hebe Tien 田馥甄 chronology
To Hebe
My Love

To Hebe is the debut Mandarin solo studio album of Taiwanese Mandopop artist Hebe Tien, of girl group S.H.E. It was released on 3 September 2010 by HIM International Music.[1] Tien is the first S.H.E members to release a solo album. The preorder edition contains a bonus DVD with eight tracks from Tien's 27th birthday party charity concert held on 20 March 2010.[2]

The tracks, "寂寞寂寞就好" (Leave Me Alone) and "LOVE!" are listed at number 11 and 35 respectively on Hit Fm Taiwan's Hit Fm Annual Top 100 Singles Chart (Hit-Fm年度百首單曲) for 2010.[3] The album is tied fifth best selling album in Taiwan in 2010, with Rainie Yang's Rainie & Love...?, with 50,000 copies sold.[4]

The album was also nominated for Best Mandarin Album at the 22nd Golden Melody Awards in 2011.[5] It won Best Music Video for "寂寞寂寞就好" (Leave Me Alone) directed Xu Yun Xuan (徐筠軒) and Best Single Producer for "LOVE!".[6]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Love??" Shu Hui Huang Shu Hui Huang 1:27
2. "To Hebe" Sandee Chan Sandee Chan 3:57
3. "離島" (Small Island) Ren Cheng Shi Chet Lam 3:35
4. "沒有管理員的公寓" (Going Nowhere) Xin Yan Chen Wei Ren Yuan 4:03
5. "我對不起我" (Sorry For Myself) Lin Xi Xiao Yu Wang 4:14
6. "我想我不會愛你" (I Didn't Think I'm In Love With You) Wang Wei Lu Wang Wei Lu 3:41
7. "寂寞寂寞 就好" (Leave Me Alone) Ren Cheng Shi Ren Cheng Shi 4:35
8. "你太猖狂" (Missing You) Lin Xi Xiao Xai Chen 4:05
9. "超級瑪麗" (Super Mario) Xiao Xie Lan Yong Tai Liang (Terrytyelee) Zhi Yin Wang 4:42
10. "給小孩" (To Children) Ren Cheng Shi John Lee 4:23
11. "Love !" Shu Hui Huang Shu Hui Huang 3:16
Total length: 42:58

Bonus DVD[edit]

  • 330 Music Tien Birthday Party
  • Date: 30 March 2010
  1. "Change My Heart Oh God"
  2. "怀念"
  3. "Save Me From Myself"
  4. "无言花"
  5. "Not Going Anywhere"
  6. "330想想你" (330 Thinking of You)
  7. "围巾" (Scarf)
  8. "爱情" (Love)

Awards and nominations[edit]

22nd Golden Melody Awards, Taiwan - 2011
Award Nomination Result
Best Mandarin Album To Hebe Nominated
Best Music Video "寂寞寂寞就好" (Leave Me Alone) - Director Xu Yun Xuan (徐筠軒) Won
Best Single Producer Wang Zhi Ping (王治平) for "LOVE!" Won
Best Packaged Album Nie Yong Zhen (聶永真) Nominated


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