To Share Our Love

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"To Share Our Love"
Song by The Moody Blues from the album On the Threshold of a Dream
Released 25 April 1969
Recorded January 1969
Length 2:55
Label Deram Records
Writer(s) John Lodge
Producer(s) Tony Clarke
On the Threshold of a Dream track listing
Side one
  1. "In the Beginning"
  2. "Lovely to See You"
  3. "Dear Diary"
  4. "Send Me No Wine"
  5. "To Share Our Love"
  6. "So Deep Within You"
Side two
  1. "Never Comes the Day"
  2. "Lazy Day"
  3. "Are You Sitting Comfortably?"
  4. "The Dream"
  5. "Have You Heard (Part 1)"
  6. "The Voyage"
  7. "Have You Heard (Part 2)"

"To Share Our Love" is a 1969 song by the progressive rock band The Moody Blues. Written by the band's bassist John Lodge, it was the fifth track from their 1969 album On the Threshold of a Dream.

"To Share Our Love" is one of John Lodge's signature upbeat rock songs. Despite the fact that Lodge wrote the song, Mike Pinder is featured singing the lead vocals, which is unusual for the Moody Blues, who usually have the song's writer sing the lead vocals.

In the original stereo release, there is an edit repeating the first two verses of the song. The quadraphonic release of the album lacks this repeat, but has the song running around the same length due to an extended coda.