Together as One (festival)

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Together As One
Dates New Year's Eve
Location(s) Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Years active 1998–2011, 2015-current
Founded by Go ventures

Together as One was an electronic music festival. It was held on New Year's Eve in Los Angeles. It was a joint production by promoters Go Ventures and Insomniac Events through 2010, but is now promoted solely by Go Ventures. Taking place in downtown Los Angeles, Together As One attracts audiences of over 40,000 dance music enthusiasts each year.



Rival Los Angeles promoters Go ventures and Insomniac both had separate New Year's Eve festivals in 1997 called Encore and Countdown, respectively. In 1998, on the eve of 1999, the two promoters joined together to start Together As One. A commemorative compilation CD was released by Moonshine Records that year.

In 2011, after creative conflicts between the leaders of the two promoters, Insomniac announced that it would pull out of the partnership. The same year, Insomniac began to organize its own New Year's Eve concert at the Anaheim Convention Center known as White Wonderland. Go Ventures continued to organize the event on its own for 2011-12. However, the 2012-13 edition was abruptly cancelled, with Go Ventures citing unforeseen issues in their attempt to book the Shrine Auditorium for the event.[1][2][3]

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