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Insomniac Events
Industry Concert tours, event production, nightclub operation
Founded 1993
Headquarters Beverly Hills, United States
Key people
Pasquale Rotella (founder)
Products EDMBiz conference, EDM festivals, music publishing
Divisions Insomniac Records, Bassrush, Basscon, Dreamstate

Insomniac Events, founded by Pasquale Rotella, is an American tour promoter focusing primarily on electronic dance music events. It organizes a number of major dance music festivals, including its flagship Electric Daisy Carnival, along with other events such as Beyond Wonderland, Nocturnal Wonderland and Escape From Wonderland. It jointly organized the Together as One festival with rival promoter Go Ventures prior to 2011.[citation needed] Insomniac also organizes the EDMBiz conference (an industry event that first took place in 2012 to coincide with EDC Las Vegas, in a similar fashion to the Winter Music Conference and the Ultra Music Festival). Insomniac is involved in the operation of three Los Angeles nightclubs—Create (in partnership with SBE, built on the site of the former Vanguard Hollywood), Exchange L.A.[1][2] and the underground warehouse Factory 93, located at 1756 Naud Street. [3][4]Insomniac also organizes drum and bass and dubstep-oriented events under the brand Bassrush, hardstyle events under the brand Basscon and trance festivals under the brand Dreamstate.

Overview and partnerships[edit]

By contrast to other promoters, Insomniac places a larger emphasis on fan experiences during its events as opposed to focusing on profits and ticket sales. Rotella has contended that music festivals do not require "big acts who sell out arenas", going as far as to praise the annual Burning Man festival for being an event with "no talent" at all.[3][5]

In June 2013, Insomniac announced a number of partnerships; including one with Dick Clark Productions to produce a dance music awards show, and a major "creative partnership" with Live Nation that would allow Insomniac to take advantage of Live Nation's resources, while still retaining autonomy and creative control over its events. While specifics of the deal were not revealed, Rotella emphasized that the deal was not an acquisition, as had been speculated.[3][6][7]

Insomniac Records[edit]

Insomniac Records
Founded 2014 (2014)
Founder Pasquale Rotella
Status Active
Distributor(s) Interscope Geffen A&M
Genre Electronic dance music
Country of origin United States
Official website

In May 2014, Insomniac announced the formation of Insomniac Records, an EDM record label created in partnership with Interscope Geffen A&M. The label will aim to attract both "undiscovered" and "established" producers; Arty was announced as the first artist to be signed to the label.[8]


Club Events[edit]

  • Create Nightclub
    • Noize Fridays
    • Arcade Saturdays
  • Exchange LA
    • Awakening Fridays
    • Inception Saturdays

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