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Tom Kingsley
Born (1985-11-18) 18 November 1985 (age 31)
London, England
Occupation Director, screenwriter
Years active 2009–present

Tom Kingsley (born 18 November 1985) is an English film director. He is best known for co-directing Black Pond, a 2011 feature film starring Chris Langham and Simon Amstell.[1] He first made his name directing music videos and adverts.[2] He was shortlisted for Best New Director at the 2010 Music Video Awards, and his work has been nominated for the 2012 BAFTAs,[3] the 2011 British Independent Film Awards,[4] the Guardian First Film Award,[5] the Evening Standard Film Awards,[6] and the Raindance Film Festival.[7]


In 2008, he joined Blink, the Soho-based production company, after sending them a DVD containing several of his short films.[8] Following a short apprenticeship, he began directing music videos and commercials - most notably for Fatboy Slim,[9] Darwin Deez, Guillemots, and phone recycling company Envirophone. Kingsley's work was well received in the industry press[10][11][12][13][14][15] and led to his being shortlisted for the Best New Director prize at the 2010 Music Video Awards.

In summer 2009, Kingsley travelled with his long-time collaborator, Will Sharpe, to Japan to direct "Cockroach", a 30-minute short.[16] Buoyed by the experience, in early 2010 the pair began work on a feature-length film: Black Pond, which was shot in August of that year, on a tiny £25,000 budget.[17] Released in November 2011, Black Pond received overwhelmingly positive reviews,[18][19][20][21] though it initially attracted controversy because of the casting of Chris Langham. The film sold out every night of its limited London run, and was shortlisted for a BAFTA, two Evening Standard film awards, a British Independent Film Award, and at the Raindance Film Festival. It received a four-star rating from The Times, The Guardian, the Evening Standard, The List, and Little White Lies.[18][19][20][21] The Independent called it "a funny and very well-observed low budget British movie".[22] It was listed as a film of the year in the New Statesman and the Financial Times.[23][24]

The film led to Kingsley and Sharpe being nominated for Outstanding Debut at the Baftas, and Most Promising Newcomer at the Evening Standard Film Awards.[25]

Kingsley and Sharpe are now working on a film adaptation of an eighteenth-century French novel.

Personal life[edit]

Kingsley was born in London, UK. He made his first feature-length film when he was 12 - a 70-minute James Bond spoof called Black Eye. He read English at Cambridge University, where he was a prominent member of the comedy group Footlights, directing the Footlights Revue "Wham Bam" at the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe.[26] It was through Footlights that Kingsley met Sharpe - then also called Tom - and Sharpe's friend Tom Williams. The three quickly formed a writing partnership, directing several Footlights shows together, and were known collectively as "the three Toms". Among other projects, the trio wrote a play called Our Darker Purpose, on which Black Pond was based. After leaving Cambridge, Kingsley was briefly the design editor of the literary London free-sheet, Notes from the Underground.[27] He currently lives in north London. He is the nephew of Grammy-winning producer, John Shanks.


Feature films[edit]

Short films[edit]

  • "Cockroach" (2009)
  • "Rip" (2008)

Music videos[edit]



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