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Thomas "Tom" Rogers is Executive Chairman of WinView. WinView operates at the intersection of TV sports, social media, gaming and mobility, and with 29 patents, is the leading player in the application of games in which viewers can engage while simultaneously watching live TV sports. About his role at WinView, Front Office Sports has said that, "Before TiVo, there was CNBC. Behind both was Tom Rogers. Now growing a new company, WinView, where he sits as Executive Chairman, he is on a path to continue innovating within the media landscape."[1]

Tom also serves as Chairman of Frankly, Inc.,[2] a publicly traded company that manages the digital and mobile news outlets for local broadcast stations and cable operators throughout the United States (including News 12 in the New York market). From 2005 to 2016,[3] Tom, for eleven years, was President and CEO of TiVo, Inc., which changed TV viewing behavior forever. His career has operated at the nexus of media, technology and public policy for more than three decades. Rogers is a frequent guest on business news channels including CNBC, Fox Business Network and Bloomberg TV. Notable appearances include CNBC's Squawk on the Street,[4] CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer [5] and Fox Business Network's Countdown to the Closing Bell,[6] and Morning Joe.[7]

Before TiVo, Rogers was Chairman and CEO of PRIMEDIA Inc., which then was the leading targeted media company in the United States.[8] PRIMEDIA published some 200 magazines, including New York Magazine, operated more than 400 websites, and owned a wide range of television and video businesses.[9][10]

Previously, Rogers was President of NBC Cable (now NBC Universal Cable) and Executive Vice President of NBC, as well as NBC’s chief strategist.[11][12] Among his many accomplishments, Rogers founded CNBC, the nation’s leading business news channel and established the NBC/Microsoft cable channel and Internet joint venture, MSNBC.[13][14]

As the first president of NBC cable Rogers was involved in the establishment of National Geographic Channel,[15] Court TV [16] (now truTV) and Independent Film Channel and served as co-chairman of the board of A&E Television Networks and The History Channel for 10 years. In addition, he oversaw American Movie Classics, Bravo (US TV channel), and several regional sports channels.[17] During his 2013 induction into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame, Jack Welch said, "Tom came in to, if you will, to put NBC in the cable business. At NBC, no one had respect for cable, they were broadcasters and never the twain shall meet. Those two words didn’t go together easily. He legitimized it. He made it a place to be." [18]

Prior to NBC, Rogers was Senior Counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Telecommunications, Consumer Protection and Finance Subcommittee, where he was responsible for drafting a number of communications laws including the 1984 Cable Franchise Policy and Communications Act,[19] and for overseeing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Rogers began his career as an attorney with a Wall Street law firm.

Rogers has also served as the Senior Operating Executive for media and entertainment for Cerberus Capital Management, a large private equity firm, and as Chairman of the Board of Teleglobe (now VSNL International Canada), a leading international telecommunications, voice-over-internet, and mobile telephony provider.

He also currently serves as Chairman of TRget Media, LLC, a media investment and operations advisory firm. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University and Columbia Law School.

Rogers was inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame[20] and the Cable Hall of Fame.[21] Lesley Stahl, in announcing his induction into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame, said, "Rogers is a guy who gets things done... and he transforms companies along the way."[22] Morning Joe hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough said, "He started MSNBC and took TiVo by storm... Tom is a legend."[23] He is also the winner of Emmy Awards for his contributions to the development of advanced television and advanced advertising. Tom has served for four years as President of the International Television Academy.


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