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Tomassoni awards

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Tomassoni awards was the overarching name of two prizes for outstanding achievements in physics, the Premio Felice Pietro Chisesi e Caterina Tomassoni and the Premio Caterina Tomassoni e Felice Pietro Chisesi. The two prizes were awarded every one or two years from 2001 to 2011 by the Sapienza University of Rome. The prize values were €80,000 and €40,000, respectively.

In 2013 the awards were unified into a single prize, to be known as the Caterina Tomassoni and Felice Pietro Chisesi Prize. The combined prize will be presented each year on April, at the Sapienza University of Rome with a value of Euro 50,000.[1]



Before 2013

Year Award Recipient Institutions
2001 Chisesi–Tomassoni Serge Haroche Pierre and Marie Curie University - École normale supérieure (Paris)
Tomassoni–Chisesi Ignazio Ciufolini University of Salento
2002 Unassigned Unassigned Unassigned
2003 Chisesi–Tomassoni Pierre Encrenaz Pierre and Marie Curie University - French Academy of Sciences
Tomassoni–Chisesi Lisa Randall Harvard University
2004 Chisesi–Tomassoni Till Kirsten Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics
Tomassoni–Chisesi Federico Capasso Harvard University
2005 Chisesi–Tomassoni Igor Dmitriyevich Novikov Østervold Observatory
Tomassoni–Chisesi Piero Zucchelli Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - CERN
2006 Chisesi–Tomassoni Wolfgang Götze Technical University of Munich
Tomassoni–Chisesi Savas Dimopoulos Stanford University
2007 Unassigned Unassigned Unassigned
2008 Chisesi–Tomassoni Edward Lorenz Harvard University
Tomassoni–Chisesi Gerald Gabrielse Harvard University
2009 Chisesi–Tomassoni Gabriele Veneziano CERN
Tomassoni–Chisesi Thomas Ebbesen University of Strasbourg
2010 Chisesi–Tomassoni Massimo Inguscio NRC (Roma)
Tomassoni–Chisesi Alex Zunger University of Colorado Boulder
2011 Chisesi–Tomassoni Paul Linford Richards University of California, Berkeley
Tomassoni–Chisesi Herbert Spohn Technical University of Munich
2012 Unassigned Unassigned Unassigned

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After 2013

Year Recipient Institutions
2013 Alain Aspect Institut d'optique - École polytechinque - French Academy of Sciences
2014 Igor Klebanov Princeton University
2015 Charles L. Bennett Johns Hopkins University
2016 Adalberto Giazotto Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - CERN
2017 Fabiola Gianotti CERN
2018 Philip Kim Harvard University
Scott Aaronson University of Texas at Austin
2019 Giulia Galli University of Chicago
Alexander Szameit University of Rostock
2020 Jo Dunkley Princeton University
Karoline Schäffner Max Planck Institute for Physics
2021 Michele Vendruscolo University of Cambridge
Zohar Komargodski Simons Center for Geometry and Physics - State University of New York

Source: [1]

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